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Monday, December 6, 2010

The Ups and Downs of Converting: Part 1

Somedays out of the blue, a killer conversion idea will strike your brain. Happens to me quite alot, and it can be maddening haha! The conversion I am going to feature here is my count as Skulltaker on Chariot and its also an excuse to make a 2 headed Juggernaut. Little did I know it was going to be a bit of a headache! Tyranid sculpting is down my ally, but when it comes to metal, let the frustration begin! Here is the 2 headed Juggernaut in progress:

The hind end was a perfect merge, but the upper area has some issues. I need to bulk out the front legs, they are out of proportion. I also need to raise the back into that hump Juggers have. I have the bulldog look I am going for, yet it also looks like a turtle! Oh the curse of the perfectionist, how I hate thee! When the perfectonist kicks in, it's always good to take a break to let your mind refresh. If you don't, you may destroy your project!

The Jugger may be giving me a headache, but the rider is turning out nice. The loin cloth from the Plastic Daemon Prince kit makes a very nice cape! I also used the spare Bloodcrusher necklace to add a Khorne touch. The shoulder armour is made out of a Tyranid carapace bit with some green stuffed in detail. I might mirror it on the other side. Skulls on chains are plenty in the Bloodcrusher kit, so I have those hanging off his cape too. The head I wished I used a forehead with a rune in it. Also used the big fancy sword. That sword represents the rending rule for me and will glow a bit with hellfire.

And thus my next problem arises, how to mount the rider to the Jugger. I am probaly going to have to attach two chains of jewery chain to the ring in his hand. Then attach the two ends to the Jugger's collars. When based, the Jugger will be jumping into the air and hopfully wont look so flat in the end. Here is a size comparison with a Bloodcrusher:

When I get back to tackling this project, I will post up part 2 with how things turn out. If you have any ideas or comments, feel free to post them!