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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Skared Podcast -Episode 4- , Also List and MORE!- HAppy New Year all.

Episode 4 of the podcast was released this Thursday. Make sure you check it out here :
In this episode I talk about deathstars, and my recent interview with Pat from the 11th Co podcast. Comments are appreciated as it helps the development of the podcast.

On another note:

So, I had the pleasure of playing against the "sons of shatner" doubles adepticon list last night. I took a very unoptimized and fun 2000pt DE list, and although there were a few times when I was in the game ultimately it was over pretty quickly when some key rolls did not go my way. Anyhow, I hope to play again, but this time I decided I would take a highly optimized Venom Spam list. One of the few armies that does very well in a tournament environment, especially when there is a good amount of terriain on the table. Anyhow:

List 1 (1000pts, takes the elites float)
Heamonculus- Liquifier

3 Trueborn, 3 blasters
Venom Dual Cannon

3 Trueborn, 3 blasters
Venom Dual Cannon

10 Warriors, Splinter Cannon, Blaster, Syb
Raider, Flicker Field

5 Warriors Blaster
Venom Dual Cannon

5 Warriors Blaster
Venom Dual Cannon

3 Reaver Jetbikes with a Heatlance

Ravager Flicker Field, Night Shield

List 2 (1000pts, takes Heavy float)

Heamonculus Liquifier

4 Trueborn, 3 blasters, 1 shredder (odd i know but points worked out)
Venom one cannon

5 Warriors Blaster
Venom dual cannon

5 Warriors Blaster
Venom dual cannon

5 Warriors Blaster
Venom dual cannon

6 Reaver Jetbikes 2 blasters

Ravager Flicker field and night shield

Ravager Flicker field and night shield

Total for the two lists is 2000pts, and I cant wait to try it out. I know that it would be very monotonous to play but competitive.


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Skared Podcast - EPISODE 3 - Tournament Recap and more

Episode 3 is up! (35 mins)
- Tournament Recap, Spellbinder 40K 1850.
- Law of Nines, 40K list building strategy.
- Upcoming Events - Black Knight Games 2K 40K tourney Dec 17th.

Check it out:


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Law of 9's!

Does your best army list fit in?

I am curious to see how different peoples armies fit into this army list building development system that my Dad created. He used to spend more time making lists than actually playing... literally, it would take 3 days for him to make a 1500pt list. Anyway; how does this work?

Divide total point value of army by 9. So for example in an 1850pt list you have nine 205 pt "sections" and a 5pt floater.

First Place 4 "sections" (820pts) into troops.

Then 1 "section" (205pts) in each of your Heavy, Fast, Elites and HQ sections.

This leaves 1 "section" that you may do what ever you want with. For example an Imperial Guard army might put it into Heavy Support.

IMPORTANT: This is a general guideline, not a strict rubric. It is aimed at balancing the list to deal with as much as possible while keeping it effective and spam-free.

Now, I had no idea what this was until finally my dad explained the system. Then I went and counted out my competitive DE army into it and found that I was almost spot on! I was very successful with the list that fit in to the "law" and have had trouble moving away from it ever since. I find it is a nice tool to keep things interesting while keeping focused on what matters, good number of troops, some fast units, firesupport and elite units. Of course keeping the HQ cheap so as to not sink too many pts into it.

Anyway. I challenge all of you to try it out! And let me know what you think.


Sunday, November 13, 2011

Gaming Podcast and Blog

I am going to begin a hobby podcast. This will be the link, there will also be additional content, make sure you check it out :D.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Starting with the Rets. Warmachine 101

So far I have only had 4 Games and I have loved them all. Head over here to check the progress out:

Also a WIP on my Warmachine Caster, Dawnmaster Vyros he has been hard to learn with because he is not as flexible as say, Rahn (who has a spell or ability for every occasion) but he is a real beatstick who can hold his own in combat and once I get a couple of heavies into my list I will be able to use his feat to its full effect :



Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Legality of Forgeworld Units in 40K

Just touching on this subject. Now that Apocalypse 2nd Edition has been released with the new 40K or Apocalypse stamps on them and a note that touches on their legality in game:



Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Korean Konnection

Anyong Haseyo!

It's been a long time since my last update from Koreatown. Time sure flies when you're trying to not get diseases from your students!

Before I get started, I just want to give big props to all those involved in the Mike Mudd Tournament. It's good to see the hobby we all enjoy being used to support a good cause. Roll on brothers and sisters, roll on.

So... I got my Skaven in the mail not too long ago. Thanks again Bob for a great job, and thanks Pete for shipping it so well. The only real damage was to the Doomwheel, the flag keeps breaking off. I may try to pin it, or as other Skaven players have done, sigh and live without it. :(

Anyhoo, here is the latest incarnation of Team Grimace, aka my 2000 point Skaven army:

Grimace regrets being absent for the team photo.

Grey Seer on Screaming Bell, Warp Energy Condenser, Shadow Magic Trinket
Chieftan, BSB, Razor Banner
40 Stormvermin, command, Banner of the Under-Empire, warpfire thrower
20 Clanrats, command, shields, warpfire thrower
20 Clanrats, command, shields, warpfire thrower
20 Clanrats, command, shields and spears, ratling gun
6 Jezzails, sharpshooter team
Warp Lightning Cannon
Warp Lightning Cannon

I faced off my friend Christian's shiny new Ogres. Maybe it's something in the air, but recently he's decided to convert over 9000 points of Ogre Kingdom models to look like this!

Ogre Kingdoms have defintely got a bump up with their shiny new army book. (shocking!) But by far, one of the most scary units has to be these guys...

"Point. Click. Die. Hur hur hur!"

Long story short, I got my tail kicked. Or, since a picture can speak a thousand words, this happened...


Long rant short, we all now about the "codex creep" by now. It's nice that Ogre Kingdom players are finally getting their day in the sun. Goodness knows they, and Tomb King players, have waited long enough. However, in the long run, as each other army gets their update, we may see a long slide back down the mountain...

BUT... while we wait for all the new army books to be released, would it kill GW to do a proper update to parts of the other army books? In particular, I am thinking of the race specific magic. All the armies that have been released so far have their own race specific magic. This gives them access to signature spells and boosted spells, as well as the benefit of having some of their spells classified as augments and hexes, which makes them so much better.

HOWEVER... other armies with race specific magic are currently being left out in the cold. Skaven, High Elves, Dark Elves, Wood Elves (!!!), Chaos, Vampire Counts... all these races have spell lores that they must use or use exclusively, without the benefit of signature spells, boosting or the addition of spell types.

What this means is for example, if I cast Bless With Filth (clearly an augment spell) on my Skaven, my opponent can try to dispel it as it is cast, or dispel it again in his own magic phase. Two chances to shut it down. However, if my opponent casts an augment spell, I can only attempt to dispel it as it is being cast. Otherwise, it will continue to affect his unit, no matter what I may want to do about it, until his next magic phase.

Now, I can wait for my army book to be released to get all my shiny new things, spells included. However, I think it is unfair to wait any longer for GW to release a proper FAQ which at the very least would say: "Add the sentence. This spell is an augment."

Here endeth the rant, Happy Gaming to all.

20 Games with Tomb Kings - Tripple Feature!

Ok, so here is a 3 for 1 battle report. The LGS is now playing at 2000pts and this is the list that I have taken for the last 3 games:

Tomb King, Sword of Strife, Armour of Destiny, Dragonbane Gem

Liche Priest Hierophant, Lv 2 with Earthing Rod

Liche Priest, Lv 1 with Lore of Light and Dispel Scroll

6 Chariots with Banner and Banner of Swiftness.

5 Horse Archers

41 Skeletons with HW and Shield Full Command
18 Skeleton Bowmen Full Command

3 Knights


This list is a good mix of everything, the hitting power of the knights and the chariots with the king and the support of the hierotitan and the lore of light wizard to support the rest of the troops.

Game 1(47 in the series) Vs... the New Ogres. Mission was diagonal deployment. I had nothing in reserve, he had 2 units of ogres and his tyrant and one butcher he went first.

His list:

Flyrant (assorted gear)

Butcher, Hellheart
Butcher, scroll

8 Ogres FC
8 Ogres FC

4 Leadbelchers

2 units of 2 sabertusk wolves

2 Super Cannon

So... this mission saw me use the chariots to ram into the 4 leadbelchers that had a butcher and firebelly... I rolled 22 impact hits! thats almost perfect for a 4 wide chariot unit. This inflicted 17 wounds and because of the wrap arround... killed everyone in the unit and left the butcher with one unit, who was easily dispatched by the king. They overran into the tyrant, killed him..
My archers smited, and then killed 2 off of an ogre unit that had just arrived from reserves they failed their panic and ran. The warcat had survived death form the cannon together with the hierititan as they were busy trying to kill the knights who then bouced off of one of the cannon... all in all my opponent conceded the game when his other bull unit failed a long charge into my archer bunker and would have been counter assaulted by the hierotitan...

So first game against the new ogres. Win, although my opponent is def still trying out all the cool fun stuff. Its just a matter of time before he hones his list into a machine.

Games 2 and 3 (48 and 49): Vs my brothers high elves. Played the same list above his first list:

Archmage life with book of teclis.

Mage lv 2 with extra spell, high magic

20 phenix guard FC
Lion Chariot
38 Spears
16 archers
2 bolt throwers
10 Seaguard

This game was a dawn attack and saw all my army crammed into my right flank except for my hierphant all the way on the other side with the catapult and the warcat in the middle. My secondary caster was able to get a timewarp off on the 40 skellies who then did an 18" charge onto his lion chariot and ran it down, i love that spell. The king got dwellersed off the table but the remaining chariots hit the phoenix guard and ran them down! (I am loving those chariots) My brother then conceded the game.

Later that day he challenged me to yet another game. This time he went for this list:
Archmage (unkillable, ethereal)
Mage lv 2 with fire

30 swordmastersFC
16 archersFC
39 Spears FC

My list stayed the same. We played battle for the pass. And I knew that I had him at range and so I could out shoot him. But i ended taking the fight to him anyway. The chariots with the king hit the swordmasters... and I cast timewarp on them (wow that made a difference) the swordmasters were severely depleted! and the chariots ground them down until one chariot and the king emerged alive (the BSB had the crown of command, so he stuck around for a long time and the archmage kept of giving him wounds back :P)
Anyway, the warcat ran into the 39 spears and basically wiped them out in 2 rounds of combat... so once the chariots had reformed to face their flank he threw the towel in... and another victory for the TK! Here are some pictures:


Anyway. Cheers!

Friday, September 30, 2011

20 Games with Tomb Kings - vs Orks!

Points 2500. O&G vs TK!
Mission: Battle for the pass.

Armies (from memory so plz excuse):
Black ork Warboss.
Gobbo BSB
3 Gobbo heroes with GW
Lv 4 Ork Shaman (with 5+ ward thingy)

40 Black Orks FC
40 Savage biguns w FC and double weapons
90 Night gobbos, with nets. (general and gobbo heroes here)
20 Gobbos Archers
5 Wolf riders
5 savage riders
5 boar riders
2 solo wolf chariots

And I think thats it. Here was his deployment:

My list:

King on Chariot with my Fav build by far:
Sword of Strife
Armour of Destiny
Dragonbane Gem

Lv2 with Nehek Rod
Lv 1 light with Scroll

7 Chariots, SB, Mus Swiftbanner
20 Bows
40 Skeletons
10 Light Horse

3 Knights

Colossus with Bow

And Deployment:

And the orks took the first turn!... here comes the horde.

Turn 1 Orks: The orks advanced! The boarboyz turned to face the 10 horsearchers that had scouted to the back of his army. The chariots advanced the 20 gobbo archers and the BSB made it into the building. Magic was uneventful.

Turn 1 Tomb Kings:

Shuffled a bit about. Moved the chariots forward to bring the bows to bear on the black orks and do nothing. The horse archers fire on the savage boar riders on the far left (my left) and kill one. The Colossus with a bow actually hits! yay, and wounds a chariot and then only does one wound :(. Magic sees me take a wound off the wolf riders. Shooting sees a few orks dead.

Turn 2 Orks:

Wolf riders get in the way of the warcat. The chariots move up again, everything moves up at full tilt. The 20 gobbos and bsb get out of the building and move up with the army. The boarboys at the back shuffle back keeping the horse archers at bay.

Turn 2 Tomb Kings:

The knights charge the chariot on the far right, it flees, they redirect against the savage boarboyz and kill all but one. The warcat kills the wolf riders and reforms to face the big un wild boys. The big unit of 40 skellies moves up, buffed to help them survive a charge. The chariots prepare to charge the black orks (gasp!) I kill the other chariot with shooting. The chariot that flees ends up falling into a rocky area and crashes and dies.

Turn 3 Orks:

This turn was key. The 20 man gobbo unit, rolled a double one to squabble... and picked a fight with the unit of 90 goblins with the bosses!!! this pinned both units in place. The black orks then just advanced towards the chariots, not wanting to get bogged down with the skeleton warriors. The reformed the boarboyz facing back to face forward and moved them up towards my mage bunker. Magic saw him drop a few chariots with foot and then move the large savage unit onto my flank with the hand (what an amazing spell!). In combats my knights finally finished off the savage boar riders and reformed to face the middle.

Turn 3 Tomb Kings:

I decided what the heck! and charged the king and chariot into the black orks. I was very curious about how much damage they could do. The warcat moved to get in the way of the savage orks. The horse archers moved up at full tilt now, and the knights charged the flank of the boarboyz. In magic I set boosted smiting! 5+ ward on the chariots and got enough chariot wounds back to have my back rank back :D. The combined shooting of the army killed the 20 gobbo unit and the BSB included :D. The knights killed the boarboyz and overran towards the other side of the table. The chariots killed about 8 black orks, my impact hits sucked and i did not roll alot of hits :( but my opponents rolling was also atrocious, so the combat balanced out... I did lose combat by 1 but still had my king and 2 chariots left.

Turn 4 Orks:

The savage orks neutered my warcat... and moved into my magebunker :o. The gobbo unit failed to charge the skeletons. Magic was basically uneventful.
Combat with the king and chariots saw the king kill quite a few and one chariot be left alive with 2 wounds! But the TK won the combat (the king with +2 A sword was pivotal in killing enough to keep me in the fight.

Turn 4 Tomb Kings:

The knights got a long charge off to contact the flank of the black orks :D. The skellies charged into the gobbos (that although they were in a forest... it was a fungus forest and as gobbos it made them stubborn!). The skellies did very well and killed off one gobbo hero, and did not completely die. The Collossus with bow moved up and the hierotitan moved up as well. I got off another boosted smiting :D this was great. The combat with the black orks saw a lot of them die to few wounds in return (I also had a 5+ ward on the chariots). The magebunker died but most of my units were within the Kings LD bubble so no biggie.

Turn 5 Orks:

The savage orks use magic again to move to protect the flank of the gobbos. The black orks fell back. The snakes and chariots reformed. The skellies once again do well in the combat, and kill another gobbo hero.

Turn 5 Tomb Kings:
Put the hierotitan in the way of the savage orks to protect the flank of the skellies and force them to overrun down, put the chariots in a place where they could get a flank charge on them. The knights moved up to get a flank on the gobbos. The colossus moves into the back of the gobbo unit and tramples a bunch of them. And the skellies kill yet another gobbo hero!

Turn 6 Orks:

The Savage orke charge the hierotitan and kill him and overrun a grand 10 " to charge the casket... the gobbos hold but are not winning the combat.

Turn 6 Tomb Kings:

Ok, this had been a fun game, so although I could conserve the points for the chariots, I decided to play for fun and charged the 2 remaining chariots onto the flank of the savage boys (to try and snipe his Lv 4) and the king charged into the gobbo unit to end the game with an epic challenge on the warboss :D The knights also charged the flank of the gobbos.
The chariots exploded (so did the casket) and the king took another wound, but took 2 off of the Black Ork Warboss, and although the gobbos lost combat they held!

We counted up the points and a down the middle draw. What a fun game! In a tournament of course, the chariots and king would have stayed put to safeguard those 700pts for the win.


Hope you all liked the read! Cheers.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

20 Games with Tomb Kings- game 45

So. On to the battle that I had this Tuesday... check out the original thread here:

A sunken green glow emanated from the eye sockets of the once great King. A thick smell of embalming fluids and wrappings surrounded the tall armour clad figure. With eerie silence that green glow surveyed the swamplands at the feet of his army, he could remember the smell of such swampland, and like many memories from long ago it made a deep hatred burn in his now dry veins. The lizard people had stolen it and by the Gods was it to be his once more!. He raised his sword and as one the legion began its advance as the sun began to rise.
As they entered the swamp the roar of the lizard people was heard and the battle commenced, there was not much time to prepare the formation of the legion.
"Memories.." the King thought to himself. "I wonder if they die like they used to"

Tee hee, I like these little mini stories.

So. Mission: Dawn Attack Point value: 2000pts
Lizardmen vs TK.

His army:
Ethereal Slaan with loremaster life, extra dice, and cupped hands.
Special character skink on howda thing, with loremaster heavens and special teclis like abilities.
Skink priest lv 2 with the cube!
Skink warrior with a biting blade and a bounce back shield.

25 Spear saurus
20 skinks with FC (character in here)
15?-20 Skirmishing skinks
2 packs of 1 salamander
15 temple guard

And that is about it... so 10 levels worth of magic and 16 spells all together...

My list:

Tomb King- Sword of strife, armour of destiny, dragonbane gem, shield, Light armour

Liche Priest lv 2 Hierophant with Earthrod.

40 Skeletons HW/Sh FC
30 Bowmen FC
3 Chariots, flaming banner
10 Light horsemen

3 Knights

Colossus with Great Bow

Deployment and t1.
We rolled off and I won, so had to roll for all my stuff first. I was rather lucky and had most of it set up in the middle and left, as well as my own choices so I clumped arround my hierophant.

His rolls were not bad either, and his army was opposite mine... he then used his special character to redeploy D3 units (to roll for them again) and got a sally pack on the my far right to fend off the fastcav. He then failed to steal the initiative... and the Tomb Kings advanced!

My thoughts... I needed to get stuck in fast... the ammount of potential magic damage that he could throw at me meant that any time wasted was dead skellies... hence I threw 6 dice at movement to get the army up fast, and get the archers in range to then spread out (turn2)... this put a wound on my hiero(due to miscast) but it was worth it, and it meant that he could not black cube my magic phase.

Lizzies: They moved up, shot a bit he rolled badly for his magic but was able to cast a comet in between my advancing army.

Turn 2 Tomb Kings:
The knights charge the skink block, and the chariots charge the skink skirmishers i take some wounds but get stuck in, the comet comes down and wounds the colossus.
He shuts down my magic phase with the cube but the chariots wipe out the skirmishing skinks on my far left. The knights took a chunk out of the sking block and the warcat charged a salamander in the center, failed to overrun far enough to help the snakes... but was now in the way of the temple guard.
The saurus charged the large skeleton block with the king, the slaan charged the warcat. Magic was once again uneventful as my opponent rolled a low roll, he regrew a few of the skinks. In combat the warcat lived with I think one wound left and the kings skeleton unit held up the saurus. The knights annihilated the skink block and pursued them landing into the sally that had fled from the warcat.

Turn 3 TK
The colossus charged into the saurus, the knights finish off the sally and reform to face the center. The warcat dies and the slaan faces the saurus combat (the saurus break and flee, the hierotitan runs after them, the skellies reform to face the slaan.

Lizzies... the saurus regroup and face the hierotitan. The temple guard fail to charge the skellies with the king! ANd the magic is once again... uneventful.

Turn 4 TK
The skellies with the king, the knights and the colossus charge the slaans block, and wipe them out to a man... in this combat:

Opponent threw in the towel.
Victory for the TK!


Tactical afterthought:

- My opponent spent way to many points on magic.
- The colossus with the bow is fun... he missed all game, but the potential is there, then having the thunderstomps later in the game is very useful!
- I did not miss the casket this game.
- The knights did very well on their own, i like them and against the poison they were awesome.

Till next time, Cheers!

Friday, September 16, 2011

20 Games With Tomb Kings : Batrep

1st Ed was a long time ago. And my opponent has been playing since then! I was up for quite a battle as he challenged me to a game. My first game back from my trip to Greece, it was time to get the ball rolling once more. Enjoy.

Teclis stood at the edge of the flowing river. He stared up at the high cliffs on either side of the pass. This would be the perfect place to ambush the undead King. He turned to face Lyrion, his most trusted commander and carrier of the battle standard, who approached him. Most certainly with the scouting report.
"My Lord, the undead have increased their march speed and will be upon us before the sun reaches noon."
Teclis looked away, staring at the low lying mist.
"We shall meet them here. The ancient fire walls and river shall hinder their advance. Make the archers ready for we make our stand..."
"Aye my lord"
Lyrion turned to join his cohort of swordmasters. Teclis was immobile, concentrating. He could feel the winds of magic gathering and the flames in his blood boiling from the hatred of this king. For the march had to be stopped and the old Mummy-King killed. They should not be allowed to reach the sea.

Now that was for you fluff readers :P.

So, lists. These are mostly form memory, so some items/gear might have been forgotten both should be 2500pts.
The Army of the High Elves:

BSB on foot with Battle Banner
Dragon Mage lv2 with 3 spells and the reaver bow.

20 Archers, full command
30 Archers, full command

25 Sword Masters, full command, banner of balance.

3 Bolt Trowers

Lots of Shooting, and magic. With a dragon for good measure and some sword masters to eliminate resistance.

[b]The Legions of the Tomb King:[/b]

Tomb King, Sword of Strife, Armour of Fortune, Dragonbane gem, Shield, Chariot
HLP- Earthing rod (lv3)

30 Archers, FC
40 Skeletons Hw/Sh, FC
7 Chariots, standard, banner of swiftness, musician.
10 Horse Archers

3 Necro Knights
1 Warsphynx

1 Catapult
1 Hierotitan
1 Casket
1 Colossus with Bolt thrower bow.

The mission: Battle for the pass. We rolled 5 terrain pieces, one river, some blazing barricades, a banestone and tower of blood and a regen marsh.

Spells- Teclis: Loremaster... fire.
Dragon mage: Flaming Sword, Fireball, firecloak

High Liche Priest: Movement, 5+ Ward and dangerous terrain hex (bah).

He won the roll and decided to deploy across the river. (which he had placed in an excellent location to hinder my movement)


Large unit of 30 was at the bottom with Teclis in it.

End of turn 1 I had moved up, the dragon moved back to take care of the horse archers that then charged the big line of archers. I moved up, cast my movement spell and he used teclis spell breaker to kill the spell :(. The Sword masters moved back.
Turn 2 saw me move up more after he shot a lot, and charge a bolt thrower with the chariots, who then overran into the sword masters. His turn 3 saw the large archer unit charge in to try and help in this massive combat:

He also moved to threaten my rightflank (with the knights) with his Dragon who was then to move up to take my warmachines.

That combat saw the chariots deal 19 impact hits (that then killed 13 of the sword masters) the unit champ with the bane something or other failed to kill my king and the chariots just mopped up killing the BSB and another few sword masters this ended up breaking both units and running down the swordmasters.

Turn 3 Tomb Kings:
The chariots reformed to face the HE army core... and then magic saw me cast a boosted 5+ ward. The catapult then dropped a rock on Teclis... who failed his LoS roll and was annihilated. This then caused my opponent to throw in the towel.

That was the endgame!

Tactical Tidbits:
- Had not tried the king on chariot with a legion of chariots. I like it its kills alot.
- The hierotitan once again proves its worth, I was reliably casting boosted spells with my level 3 with 4 dice.
- The bolt thrower giant drew a lot of attention and fire but failed to hit both times he shot. Can't wait to see what he does when he does hit.
- The knights did well, they were facing off a bolt thrower and 30 archers with teclis and they lasted more than 3 shooting phases. I do like the armour save, it allows them to soak up quite a bit of shooting.
- The horse archers did what they do best, cause distraction, having the dragon move to the backfield and then be out of position for a few turns was fantastic. Anyway.

Cheers! As always, stay tuned for more!

Friday, August 5, 2011

20 Games With Tomb Kings - Game 37

Just had a game with y Hobby list vs High Elves at 2500pts.

His list:
Prince, with lance, dragon armour, 4+ ward and a Stardragon

Dragon Mage with a 5+ ward... and flame of rhuin...

BSB with armour and ward.

50 Spearmen (Full command and warbanner)
10 Archers

14 Lions FC
20 Phoenix Guard FC

Bolt thrower.

Anyway I was going to take pictures... but that video blurb is the only thing that I took. You can see the Dragon (no longer with a prince) taking on my tomb scorpion as my hierophant cowars behind it.

I walked away with a minor win! The game lasted 4 turns... watchtower. I begun with 20 archers in the building who got out after taking a turn 1 charge from the white lions... they positioned themselves to prevent the lions form taking the building so the chariots could do a number on them. One archer survived. The chariots then clipped the back end of the spearmen horde... preventing them to move further up the table.

The epic fight was on the far right flank. Both dragons moved up that flank, I charged my tomb Guard (with destroyer king) into the dragon mage (in hindsight I sould have charged the other dragon... I was hoping for a quick kill of the dragon mage and dragon.... so I run in and do 1 wound... arg. Then the stardragon came into the flank, and the TG crumbled to one model. Then instead of actually thinking I raised TG up... i should have just had my TK stay in challenges. I also forgot that he had the tricksters shard... anyway. The King died, but killed the sundragon with his curse :D. The dragonmage was subsequently annihilated by the casket. The Prince charged the warcat... the crew failed to do anything to the prince and then the Str7! dragon rended the warcat to little bits. Then over ran into 10 archers... I was able to curse blades them! And one archer cut the head off the Prince :D wooo. The dragon then charged a tomb scorp... and took another wound before the game ended.
All these buffers where put in place to prevent that dragon from getting into my hierophant, who was on his own walking around by himself out of LOS of the repeater and the archers.

MVP of the game has to be the colossus... turn one he charged into 20 phoenix guard... and proceeded to make them run after a fantastic combat... he kept on taking wounds, but saving just enough to stay alive... and although he could not hit with his reg attacks his thunderstop always made up for it. All in all it was very nice to see him crush the guard under his feet and then run them all down. While taking volleys from the balista... he really pulled more than his weight in points, giving my other units a chance to salvage what I could. In the end I had the tower with my 40 skeletons and this gave me 25% of the game worth of VP's (giving me the win).

A great game, but I did learn a few things:

I liked the DoE... although he kept on hitting and then not rolling any 6'es to wound on that one dragon! His wargear loadout got me thinking. I sort of want some sort of save. Maybe a regen seed or something but I def need a bit more testing on different matchups. I know he would have done really well agains the prince (as the stardragon is only I 2) Anyway.


Monday, August 1, 2011

Games With Tomb Kings - Tactica pt 1 - Lords


So, as a part of my 20 Games, Journey to perfection (Main Blog Found Here:
Anyway, I believe that sharing a tactical blerb on the different units that I have used will be useful for you, the aspirant Tomb King to take and use in your own games wherever it may be that you are.
I have played over 35 games with the current book since before it hit the shelves and although this does by no means make me an "expert" I would say that its not that bad :P. Although I have all this experience it is not at a hardcore tournament level. I have only gone to one tournament with my Tomb Kings and was quickly placed out of the running. But I do hope to make the next one and put into practice what I have learned since then.
So, without further rambling here is the tactical article. I will be focusing on the regular non special character lord choices that are available to the Khemrian Legions: the Tomb King and the High Liche Priest. Both these characters are very similar to their counterparts in the other races (fighty character and spellcaster).

I will begin with the High Liche Priest:
A tomb king army must include a Hierophant. This is the highest level caster that knows the Lore of Nehekhara. What better than a Level 3(upgreadable to a level4) character? The nehekaran lore is quite useful to the army as a whole, the buffs really make the skeletons scary and the hexes also make the skeletons scary or neuter enemy scary units. Having 4 spells is usually not bad. In my recent lists (from 1500-2500) I usually just run the one High Liche Priest with level 4. Thats it.
Gear: If I give the hierophant gear it is usually an earthing rod, and thats it. The more I play the more I found that sometimes you really just want to boost a spell, and darn the consequences the earthing rod means that you are a lot less likely to loose your main caster (and start crumbling) due to a warp rift. It also mitigated the potential damage done by a WoC army with a puppet.
But why no more? No ward save? - I used to run with the 4+ ward... but TBH the Hierophant will usually die to something that allows no save... like a purple sun, or a dwellers below, or a pit of shades. If your opponent wants your hierophant to die he just have to try and no ammount of ward save is going to help. The 6+ regen to the unit and the hiero can sometimes really come in handy.
Mounts: I am a bog fan of keeping things cheap. I do not like putting the HLP on a steed (or on a carpet or cloak) I find this makes the unit that he is with a lot slower and not as useful. The best bunker that I have found for the HLP is a unit of 20-30 skeleton bowmen with a musician and a champion (to save the hiero from a nasty character once in a while) the unit is usually enough to take some punishment and not as dangerous as to warrant too much of the enemies attention.
Crumble: When the hierophant dies, the army will begin to crumble. This is by no means the end... I have won many a game while crumbling. Many Tomb King units that usually operate far from the magic bubble or general bubble have half decent leadership and therefore will not crumble as badly. So hunker down, and play on!

The Tomb King:
The Tomb King is a good general and fighty character for any army. They pass their WS to the unit that they are with, making Tomb Guard, Skeletons and even chariots WS6! Not too shabby.
Gear: The best item given to a King in my experience is the Golden Deathmask, some decent armour (with a ward) and a Dragonbane gem or ironcurse icon. Because he is in the thick of it that Death Mask can really cause an enemy battle line to crumble very quickly, especially skaven!
I have also tinkered with a Destroyer of Eternities king, but I don't really have enough experience to talk in depth about it.
Basically gear wise you want effective, useful and resilient (as long as the King is around units can use his Leadership for swift reforms and when the hierophant dies then for crumbling.
Mounts: I like having the king on foot and in the thick of the battle line. He is a sturdy character with 4 W and T5. The chariot will usually be beaten from under him and the warsphynx is cannon bait and he can't use his special weapon skill ability while on it.
The Curse!: Rember the curse. When your King dies they will automatically hit what ever killed them with D6 s5 hits. Just roll to wound. If you get lucky you might just kill the character that killed you or damage all the units involved in a combat that you crumbled from. But remember to not forget... the curse!

Anyway. I hope you all found this interesting. There will be other articles on the various units within the TK book as well as a discussion of the items within the book and those common items as well as how they interact with the TK book.

Good Reading!


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Da Wulf Boyz

The Counts As Experiment Continues...


So, a couple of things. I have been testing the waters a bit with Da Wulf Boyz. The first major tournament that is coming up that I could test the waters with my army is the NOVA open. So I got in touch with Mike Brandt through e-mail. I sent him the smae 8 page treatment that I sent to the Warmaster Challenge gang here. I wanted to see if this army would pass the test for a counts as army for the NOVA open.


So I sent off the e-mail and got a reply the same day from Mike at the NOVA. He was perfestly fine with the army and even offered me some advice, following is a quote directly from his e-mail to me.

"Thanks for sending me your pdf - you have a gorgeously converted and creatively thought-up army. I think the best advice I can give you to ensure this flies with all your opponents is to create a copy of your "guide" to attach to each of your army lists for your opponents and event organizers. It really is a fantastic tool for your army, and I think it helps clarify any additional questions that might arise."

With Mike`s advice I got to work and before the last tournament I went to I made up a 3 page army list for every opponent. It would list something followed by a detailed picture of the model. So I would have the Wolf Lord listed, list all his wargear then there would be a picture with every piece of wargear listed on the picture.

I also have a gallery of this army on the 11th Company's web forum. The 11th Company if anyone isn't aware is a Podcast that I enjoy a lot. I keep up on their forums and keep a gallery of my Wulf Boyz there and mentioned that the army was denied access to the Warmaster tournament and one of the hosts Pat got in touch with me and wanted to interview me on the army.


11th Company Podcast

Not sure when the interview will be posted I will let you guys know. But check out the podcast it is one of my favorites. The interview basically centered on the fact that Counts As armies have to jump through hoops that other standard armies that are just as confusing or more confusing get a free pass. I had a great time talking to Pat. The interview might be slpit up because I think we talked for 45 minutes or something like that.

While talking to Pat and through the forum with Neil the main host of the 11th company they both also said that the Wulf Boyz would be let into thier tournament that they were holding later in the year.

Lastly the only other tournament thus far that I have been told this army would be fine for is Astronomicon-Toronto. A friend of the orginizers is a follower of this blog and was looking forward to seeing the army next year at the event letting me know that armies like this are encouraged.

We`ll keep this experiment going all year if possible. Now Wargames Con was going on the weekend I started this project so I wasn`t able to e-mail them about the army but I did see this army that was there...




So next year I will e-mail them but from some of the shots I have seen from their event I don't think Da Wulf Boyz would have a problem getting through the door.

Till the next events...

Thursday, July 14, 2011

20 Games With Tomb Kings - Sumary Pt1

General Overview of the journey:

(1).vs Empire 2200 - loss
This was the first game with the TK that I played. It was quite a blast. Although my opponent ran an illegal 4 cannon empire list. This meant that my colossus did not stand a chance. Here was 42 White wolf knights that had a priest and Karl Franz for a commander... this 1500pt unit rolled up my entire army. I learned a few things this first game.
- The tomb king spells are NOT RIP... they are augments. I was casting them and then he was dispelling them in his turn... not something that should have happened but I did not forget after that.
- The Horse Archers were awesome, they took out all 4 cannon. And finished off the stank. (getting me all the points that i go that game.
- The value of a large skeleton block with a prince. They held up the huge death-star for a long time. I jumped the gun and ran my tomb guard in too early instead of moving them to a flank arc. Having done that the game would have worked very differently.

(2).vs Lizardmen 2200- loss
This game was quick and brutal. We did not finish the game, but there was no point. His slaan was devastating and I was unable to make any headway against this very competitive list. A few things that I learned.
- Lv 2's were not the best, with the new magic I was now suffering from things like becalming and cupped hands.
- 5 Light horse did not hold up to a unit of 10 skinks... needed more.
- Large skeleton tar-pit was great! Again... quickly became a staple in every one of my lists.

(3).vs O&G 1500 - win
At this point value no one can really have anything that is stupidly strong and the game becomes quite balanced as if you do take a maxed out lord you have to begin to cut other things out. I decided to try the chariots in a large unit with a prince this game but they ended up not doing anything as the unit that they were up against ran into a building.
Things that did work:
- Large skeleton unit, once again.
- Was still tinkering with the wargear on my princes.

(4).vs Lizardmen 2200 (win)
This was a rematch against the lizardmen list of game 2. I did a lot better, this ime taking a King with a deathmask (its debut) it was awesome, I tar-pitted the slaan with the skeletons and prince, and then ran a saurus unit to the flank down with the TG and king. We had to call it but had the game continued I would have been able to flank the temple guard with the tomb guard for the win in blood and glory.
- I realized the value of the "boosted" spells, and I did take 10 horse archers, who this time beat the skins and then were boosted by a boosted spell.
- All this time the casket has been in every one of my lists and it is staying!

1- vs WoC 2200 - win
Tower battle, placed my unit of TG in the building and won rather easily as he was unable to dislodge them. IMO this mission is awesome for Unbreakable armies.
- Used carrion, were great for redirecting charges.

Anyway this is a short overview of all the battles. The rest will come soon.


Sunday, July 10, 2011

20 Games With Tomb Kings - The Recap

I have not posted all 20 (24) games on this blog. But the original thread can be found here:

That makes 21 Games(well 4 for the prologue and 21 games). For all, here is a recap:

(1).vs Empire 2200 - loss
(2).vs Lizardmen 2200- loss
(3).vs O&G 1500 - win
(4).vs Lizardmen 2200 (win)
1- vs WoC 2200 - win
2- vs Skaven 2000 - Win
3- vs Skaven 2000 - Win
4- vs O&G 1500 - win
5- vs HE 2000 - win
6- vs Skaven 1200 - loss
7- vs Skaven 1200 - win
8- vs Skaven 2000 - loss
9- vs VC 2200 - loss
10- vs Dwarfs 2200 - loss
11- vs Lizardmen 2200 - win
12- vs Tomb Kings 2200 - win
13- vs Dwarfs 2500 - loss
14- vs Skaven 1500 - win
15- vs Lizardmen 2500 - win
16- vs Empire 2500 - win
17- vs OnG 1000 - loss
18- vs WoC 1000 - loss
19- vs Bretonnia 2500 - win
20- vs High Elves 1500 win
21- vs Empire 2500 - win

Each game has been a learning experience. Up until now I have only tried and tested the old units of the Tomb King book (basically everything that I already owned), things like characters, the necro knights and the big monsters have all been on the sidelines. GW is expensive and I have been working on my Dark Eldar for 40K so I had to make due. I think it is fair to say that even a basic list can do moderately well at Fantasy with the Tomb Kings, I am by no means a saavy of the game and most of the uber combos or items of other books still surprise me. But I never forget, that is for sure (very tomb-kingy of me don't you think?) and this has made every other game more of an experience.

Anyway. I shall be posting a short summary of each game in turn, as well as some tactical notes and learning brain notes. The next leg of the "journey" has only just begun as I dive deeper into buiding not only more agressive TK lists, but also ones that incorporate the newer models. As a treat here is what I am working on at the moment, the thunderpurrer kitty monster:

I did some converting to the main body so that it looks more catlike overall and greenstuffed some flames into the mouth to wysiwyg the breathweapon. I have also been thinking of painting it black marble, like a panther and one of the howdah riders will be holding onto some reins.

Well my fellow journeymen! For the sands of Khemri!


Saturday, July 9, 2011

Da Wulf Boyz


     So, the first day of the experiment is over. I took my Wulf Boyz to my first tournament today. It was a four game tournament at 1500 points. So I took my 1850 point list and trimmed it down to 1500 points. It made for an ugly list but I wanted to take it to start the year long test.

     So the first thing I did was talk to the tournament orginizer about the army. I brought two armies just in case there was an issue with the army I would have a back up army. The tournament orginizer had no issue with me bringing the army so the first hurdle was passed. Though this was a local tournament so I didn't fear the rejection.


     So random pairing put me up against the store ringer army played by the tournament orginizer. So already knowing he had no issues with the army we didn't go into the army to much. He made fun of me a little just to bust my chops but said he personally had no issues with the army.

     I massacured the ringer army and that put me up against a fellow Stratford Gaming Union member Bob. Bob has a big Nid army. Now he has seen pictures of the army just like everyone but he hadn't seen the army in person or on the table. He mentioned he really wanted to see the army in person. Bob is a Stratford Gaming Union member that is very much into the painting and conversion side of the game and his opinion on the models would mean a lot to me. He was very impressed with them. He has faced another players Space Wolf army enough that without me telling him anything about the army he was able to tell what everything was. I tied that game and so far 2 games, two people that had no issues. However both of these people have seen the army at least in pictures before hand so it was to early to tell.


     So, game three. After lunch I played a player Simon, local to the store we were playing in. However this would be the first true test. Simon has never seen a picture of the army nor has he seen anything about it till it hit the table. So Simon plays a very Raider/Venom heavy army. So I tried to hold out as best I could but the weight of fire just was to much and a few key failed saves ment he won the game.

     So onto his thoughts on the army. Now I will say I have played Simon before in a few games at tournaments but he is not part of my local group. But he does know me. I didn't describe anything about the army to him to start. I put the models on the table and without having to answer any questions other then Space Wolf rules questions he never asked me what each model was. The only model he didn't totally know was my Arjac. He knew it was a Wolf Guard in terminator armor, so when he asked I let him know it was Arjac, not just a no named Wolf Guard.


     So game four would finally be a total test. I played against a Player by the name of Shawn. Shawn is a player I know of but I have never met him nor have I every played against him. So finally a player I don't know and doesn't know me and has never seen the army or heard of me. Lets see how this goes? Not to go into to many deatails, Arjac and my Wolf Lord ate most of his army but at the end of the day he never asked me anything about the army, he knew what everything was. In fact when he was going to charge his librarian into a grey hunter squad he knew to move around the squad because the closest model to him at the time was the power fist model and the power weapon model. He never asked me where those models were, just knew to look for them and avoid them. He really liked the look of the army and said he would have been happy to play against it if it wasn't the second time he had to play against a Thunder Wolf list (Sorry Shawn).

Friday, July 8, 2011

Da Wulf Boyz

All Dresses Up With No Where To Go!

The Full 1850 Point Army and Display Board

     Well Last night I finally did it...I planned out an 1850 list that while not being a very competitive list would let me showcase a lot of very cool conversion ideas for my Counts As Wulf Boyz. Last night I painted the last model for the list. I included a lot of HQ models and a lot of different units. So this list was far from the usual redundancy lists that work so well in tournaments. Now I didn't care because this was a labor of love for me. Last year I went to the Warmasters Challenge, a 100+ person tournament in our area and while there I saw a lot of cool ideas and conversions. The coolest to me anyway was a Nid army that was based on a Zombie theme. So there were Corpse Carts, zombies, ogres and giants to represent various units. It was beautifully painted and I thought it was a very cool idea. So when I went home from the event last year I started planning my own Counts As army. Now I knew that the term 'Counts As' it seams is more and more becoming a dirty word in our hobby as far as tournaments go. It seems as tournaments get bigger and competition in these becomes more contested, and prize pools build that it seemed to me that taking a 'Counts As' army to an event would be like walking in with the plague.

Wolf Lord and Fenrisian Wolves

     So I went about planning my army out to mitigate as many problems as I thought I might have. One of the biggest issues usually with 'Counts As' tends to be a models size and footprint on the table. People are worried that others are modeling for advantage. So I made sure that every model I used was the same size or slightly bigger then what it was to represent. For my Rhino and Razorback I actually just ork'ified up the Rhino and Razorback models so they keep the same table presence. Each of my infantry is the same size as a space marine (although wider). My models are all on the bases they should be including the Thunder wolves. My Thunder Wolf Lord is the same size as Cainis who at the moment is the only Thunder wolf model to compare.

Arjak, Rune Priest and Wolf Priest

     For my troop, to keep confusion down, only models with special weapons look different. Meaning, if a Grey Hunter has a power weapon, it is a two handed weapon he has over his head and it has a blue tint to it. Where as every other Grey Hunter only has one handed weapons. The Melta Gunner is the only model in the Grey Hunter units with a two handed gun, as well his Melta Gun has a bright yellow 'danger' tank on it. The Banner guy sticks out and my Mark of the Wulven guys all have Cybok body parts. My Blood Claws all have Swords, No Helmets and yellow and red markings, all the Grey Hunters have helmets, axes and red and black markings. As well each Wolf Guard has Yellow and Black markings (all these marking colors are right out of the Space Wolf Codex for those units). So I matched everything to the Space Wolf codex where possible. My Long Fangs all have Rokkit Launchers in place of Missile Launchers and they have White and Black shoulders. The whole army is painted in a Shadow Grey, just like a Space Wolf army.

Long Fangs

     This being said, I made an 1850 list, painted to it and submitted it to the Warmaster Council for approval to bring my Counts As army to their event. Seeing some of the stuff last year I had no worries when I submitted my request. Little did I know there was a lot of back lash from last years events over 'Counts As' armies being confusing. So Da Wulf Boyz were judged to confusing for the event. The Council's request was that the Slugga's aren't Bolt Pistols and request that I change out about half of them per squad, along with any Shoota's to Bolters and the Rokkits to Missile Launchers. If I did these and a few other things I could bring the army.

Grey Hunter Pack and Rhino

     This brought a question to me, is my army that confusing, or have tournaments moved so far from the hobby aspect of the hobby we are in that counts as is dead in the tournament world. I decided I won't be making any changes to the army, I won't be attending this event I built the army for. I will however be conducting an experiment with the army. I am going to spend the next year, July to July, taking this army to as many events locally as I can. As well I am going to shop the army around to various big tournaments. I am going to e-mail the army to the various TO's of the big events (Adepticon, Nova Open, Astronomicon, ect...) and see if the army as it stands would be let into these events. I want to know is counts as dead to the tournament world? Along with this any event I go to I am going to speak to each of my opponents before and after each game with the Wolves and record their reactions to the army. I want to know is it as confusing as I have been told it is, did I spend a lot of money and time building a cool army that won't be able to see the light of day on a major event table?

Thunder Wolf Cavalry Lead The Charge

     Follow me on this Blog this year as I try to find out if Counts As is truly dead in the tournament world. I'll be updating this blog with my progress over the year. First stops, talking to the Nova Open guys as well as a tournament on the 9th here in a local store.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Da Wulf Boyz



Well that statement isn't totally true. I have been working on this army for a long time now. This army has been a labor of love and at times pain. It is a counts as army but I had been doing everything in my power to see to it that everything was not confusing for people. For those that don't know I have been planning and building this army almost for a year and the reason for building it was to attend one of the largest events in the country. Here in Ontario there is an event called the Warmasters Challenge. It is a two day event with a double tournament on the Saturday and a Singles event on the Sunday.

Warmasters Challenge Web Site

Last year the doubles had 104 people for 52 teams involved. My Partner and I managed to get Best General in the event losing Best Overall by two points.


After seeing all the people and the events, the singles had over 100 people as well I was inspired by some armies I saw to work on a cool conversion army to take to the event this year. So over the past year I have spent a lot of money and time working on Da Wulf Boyz which you have seen here. I submitted a package to the staff of the Warmaster event letting them know what I am bringing and what everything is. With pictures of everything it ended up being an 8 page document detailing everything from why I started the army, to what I used to convert everything as well as reasons I chose different things.

However after sending that in I have received word that the army will not be aloud into the event. Reasons being it would be to confusing. The main points of contention are that I used Sluggas instead of Bolt Pistols (both of which have the same profile in game terms). The fact that I used Rokkit Launchas instead of Missile Launchers (Again both have the same profile in game terms). My one bolter that I have in the army is a Shoota (admittedly these do have different game profiles). And my Wolf Priest has a Maul for his Crozius. Now I have 3 power weapons in my army, all three look totally different then the other weapons because they have a blue color on them that sets them apart so anyone looking can see which is powered and which are not. As well the Wolf Priest is the only one in Black Armor so he is easy to pick out. Lastly were my two Meltaguns which are converted and I will provid pictures they are the only weapons built from scratch but they are the only two models carrying a two handed weapon. As well as their weapons have big yellow 'danger' tanks on them to signal them as Melta.





Now the council for the Warmaster event have said that if I converted some of these things over I would be able to bring the army. I will admit I was toying with the idea but time would be a factor as the event is 5 weeks away and in those 5 weeks I have 2 other 2500point tournaments I need to get armies ready for as well as a two week vacation with my family to put in there. However a comment I was sent about the army really put me off my want to change anything. One of the Comments I got back was and I quote from an e-mail "That is proxied, power-gamed shenanigans" Now lower you will be able to see my list which includes 13 Blood Claws on FOOT. only one, yes you read that right, one Long Fang Pack. As well as only two tanks, one Rhino and one Razorback. So for those counting my only anti-mech is one Lascannon and five Missiles in 1850. If this army list I post is considered power gaming I'll eat the whole army with salt. I was told this is a competitive event and they didn't want anyone confused by the army and complaining, later to be told that this was power gaming? As well I have provided a size comparison picture here you can see my stuff is the same size if not bigger then what they are representing.

1850 Pts - Space Wolves Roster

Total Roster Cost: 1849

HQ: Wolf Lord in Power Armour (3#, 270 pts)
1 Wolf Lord in Power Armour, 250 pts = (base cost 100 + Storm Shield x1 30) + Wolf Tail Talisman 5 + Wolftooth Necklace 10 + Thunderwolf Mount 45 + Frost Weapon x1 25 + Saga of the Bear 35
2 Fenrisian Wolf, 20 pts = 2 * 10

HQ: Wolf Priest in Power Armour (1#, 115 pts)
1 Wolf Priest in Power Armour, 115 pts = (base cost 100) + Wolf Tail Talisman 5 + Saga of the Hunter 10

HQ: Rune Priest in Power Armour (1#, 100 pts)
1 Rune Priest in Power Armour, 100 pts

Elite: Wolf Guard Pack (3#, 264 pts)
1 Wolf Guard Pack, 0 pts
1 Wolf Guard in Power Armour, 38 pts = (base cost 18 + Power Fist x1 20)
1 Wolf Guard in Power Armour, 38 pts = (base cost 18 + Power Fist x1 20)
1 Arjac Rockfist, The Anvil of Fenris, 188 pts

Troops: Blood Claws Pack (13#, 195 pts)
13 Blood Claws Pack, 195 pts = 13 * 15

Troops: Grey Hunters Pack (9#, 200 pts)
7 Grey Hunters Pack, 150 pts = 7 * 15 (base cost 15) + Mark of the Wulfen 30 + Wolf Standard 10 + Meltagun 5 + Power Weapon 15
1 Grey Hunter w/ Mark of the Wulfen, 15 pts
1 Rhino, 35 pts

Troops: Grey Hunters Pack (6#, 195 pts)
4 Grey Hunters Pack, 105 pts = 4 * 15 (base cost 15) + Mark of the Wulfen 30 + Wolf Standard 10 + Meltagun 5 + Power Weapon 15
1 Grey Hunter w/ Mark of the Wulfen, 15 pts
1 Razorback, 75 pts = (base cost 40 + Twin Linked Lascannon 35)

Fast Attack: Thunderwolf Cavalry (5#, 370 pts)
1 Thunderwolf Cavalry, 0 pts
1 Thunderwolf Cavalry, 85 pts = (base cost 50 + Melta Bombs 5 + Storm Shield 30)
1 Thunderwolf Cavalry, 80 pts = (base cost 50 + Storm Shield 30)
1 Thunderwolf Cavalry, 105 pts = (base cost 50 + Storm Shield 30 + Power Fist 25)
1 Thunderwolf Cavalry, 50 pts
1 Thunderwolf Cavalry, 50 pts

Heavy Support: Long Fangs Pack (6#, 140 pts)
5 Long Fangs Pack, 125 pts = 5 * 15 (base cost 15) + Missile Launcher x5 50
1 Squad Leader, 15 pts

Validation Report:
c-1. File Version: 1.20 For Bug Reports/; b-1. Roster Options: Special Characters; a-1. Scenario: Normal Mission; 1. Chapter: Space Wolves
Roster satisfies all enforced validation rules

Composition Report:
HQ: 2 (1 - 2)
Elite: 1 (0 - 3)
Troops: 3 (2 - 6)
Fast: 1 (0 - 3)
Heavy: 1 (0 - 3)

Created with Army Builder® - Try it for free at









Needless to say I will not be converting the army for this event nor will I be attending the event. I will be taking a 1500 point version of the army to a local tournament this weekend and just having fun with it.

Lastly a little preview of the second banner (wolf standard) I am making for the second Grey Hunter squad.