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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Legality of Forgeworld Units in 40K

Just touching on this subject. Now that Apocalypse 2nd Edition has been released with the new 40K or Apocalypse stamps on them and a note that touches on their legality in game:



Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Korean Konnection

Anyong Haseyo!

It's been a long time since my last update from Koreatown. Time sure flies when you're trying to not get diseases from your students!

Before I get started, I just want to give big props to all those involved in the Mike Mudd Tournament. It's good to see the hobby we all enjoy being used to support a good cause. Roll on brothers and sisters, roll on.

So... I got my Skaven in the mail not too long ago. Thanks again Bob for a great job, and thanks Pete for shipping it so well. The only real damage was to the Doomwheel, the flag keeps breaking off. I may try to pin it, or as other Skaven players have done, sigh and live without it. :(

Anyhoo, here is the latest incarnation of Team Grimace, aka my 2000 point Skaven army:

Grimace regrets being absent for the team photo.

Grey Seer on Screaming Bell, Warp Energy Condenser, Shadow Magic Trinket
Chieftan, BSB, Razor Banner
40 Stormvermin, command, Banner of the Under-Empire, warpfire thrower
20 Clanrats, command, shields, warpfire thrower
20 Clanrats, command, shields, warpfire thrower
20 Clanrats, command, shields and spears, ratling gun
6 Jezzails, sharpshooter team
Warp Lightning Cannon
Warp Lightning Cannon

I faced off my friend Christian's shiny new Ogres. Maybe it's something in the air, but recently he's decided to convert over 9000 points of Ogre Kingdom models to look like this!

Ogre Kingdoms have defintely got a bump up with their shiny new army book. (shocking!) But by far, one of the most scary units has to be these guys...

"Point. Click. Die. Hur hur hur!"

Long story short, I got my tail kicked. Or, since a picture can speak a thousand words, this happened...


Long rant short, we all now about the "codex creep" by now. It's nice that Ogre Kingdom players are finally getting their day in the sun. Goodness knows they, and Tomb King players, have waited long enough. However, in the long run, as each other army gets their update, we may see a long slide back down the mountain...

BUT... while we wait for all the new army books to be released, would it kill GW to do a proper update to parts of the other army books? In particular, I am thinking of the race specific magic. All the armies that have been released so far have their own race specific magic. This gives them access to signature spells and boosted spells, as well as the benefit of having some of their spells classified as augments and hexes, which makes them so much better.

HOWEVER... other armies with race specific magic are currently being left out in the cold. Skaven, High Elves, Dark Elves, Wood Elves (!!!), Chaos, Vampire Counts... all these races have spell lores that they must use or use exclusively, without the benefit of signature spells, boosting or the addition of spell types.

What this means is for example, if I cast Bless With Filth (clearly an augment spell) on my Skaven, my opponent can try to dispel it as it is cast, or dispel it again in his own magic phase. Two chances to shut it down. However, if my opponent casts an augment spell, I can only attempt to dispel it as it is being cast. Otherwise, it will continue to affect his unit, no matter what I may want to do about it, until his next magic phase.

Now, I can wait for my army book to be released to get all my shiny new things, spells included. However, I think it is unfair to wait any longer for GW to release a proper FAQ which at the very least would say: "Add the sentence. This spell is an augment."

Here endeth the rant, Happy Gaming to all.

20 Games with Tomb Kings - Tripple Feature!

Ok, so here is a 3 for 1 battle report. The LGS is now playing at 2000pts and this is the list that I have taken for the last 3 games:

Tomb King, Sword of Strife, Armour of Destiny, Dragonbane Gem

Liche Priest Hierophant, Lv 2 with Earthing Rod

Liche Priest, Lv 1 with Lore of Light and Dispel Scroll

6 Chariots with Banner and Banner of Swiftness.

5 Horse Archers

41 Skeletons with HW and Shield Full Command
18 Skeleton Bowmen Full Command

3 Knights


This list is a good mix of everything, the hitting power of the knights and the chariots with the king and the support of the hierotitan and the lore of light wizard to support the rest of the troops.

Game 1(47 in the series) Vs... the New Ogres. Mission was diagonal deployment. I had nothing in reserve, he had 2 units of ogres and his tyrant and one butcher he went first.

His list:

Flyrant (assorted gear)

Butcher, Hellheart
Butcher, scroll

8 Ogres FC
8 Ogres FC

4 Leadbelchers

2 units of 2 sabertusk wolves

2 Super Cannon

So... this mission saw me use the chariots to ram into the 4 leadbelchers that had a butcher and firebelly... I rolled 22 impact hits! thats almost perfect for a 4 wide chariot unit. This inflicted 17 wounds and because of the wrap arround... killed everyone in the unit and left the butcher with one unit, who was easily dispatched by the king. They overran into the tyrant, killed him..
My archers smited, and then killed 2 off of an ogre unit that had just arrived from reserves they failed their panic and ran. The warcat had survived death form the cannon together with the hierititan as they were busy trying to kill the knights who then bouced off of one of the cannon... all in all my opponent conceded the game when his other bull unit failed a long charge into my archer bunker and would have been counter assaulted by the hierotitan...

So first game against the new ogres. Win, although my opponent is def still trying out all the cool fun stuff. Its just a matter of time before he hones his list into a machine.

Games 2 and 3 (48 and 49): Vs my brothers high elves. Played the same list above his first list:

Archmage life with book of teclis.

Mage lv 2 with extra spell, high magic

20 phenix guard FC
Lion Chariot
38 Spears
16 archers
2 bolt throwers
10 Seaguard

This game was a dawn attack and saw all my army crammed into my right flank except for my hierphant all the way on the other side with the catapult and the warcat in the middle. My secondary caster was able to get a timewarp off on the 40 skellies who then did an 18" charge onto his lion chariot and ran it down, i love that spell. The king got dwellersed off the table but the remaining chariots hit the phoenix guard and ran them down! (I am loving those chariots) My brother then conceded the game.

Later that day he challenged me to yet another game. This time he went for this list:
Archmage (unkillable, ethereal)
Mage lv 2 with fire

30 swordmastersFC
16 archersFC
39 Spears FC

My list stayed the same. We played battle for the pass. And I knew that I had him at range and so I could out shoot him. But i ended taking the fight to him anyway. The chariots with the king hit the swordmasters... and I cast timewarp on them (wow that made a difference) the swordmasters were severely depleted! and the chariots ground them down until one chariot and the king emerged alive (the BSB had the crown of command, so he stuck around for a long time and the archmage kept of giving him wounds back :P)
Anyway, the warcat ran into the 39 spears and basically wiped them out in 2 rounds of combat... so once the chariots had reformed to face their flank he threw the towel in... and another victory for the TK! Here are some pictures:


Anyway. Cheers!