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Monday, April 25, 2011

Korean Konnection 4: The Return

Anyong Haseyo!

It's been near 11 months since my departure to the Land of Morning Calm. Thanks to a renegotiated contract (huzzah for raises!) and some strange timing, I'll soon be back in Canada and back with the SGU!

Alas, my return will not be for long. But, it should be long enough to play some games with my completed COBRA Guard.

It's been a LONG process getting this all together. Not everything came out the way I'd originally planned, but I am satisifed. Here are the results...

COBRA Commander, Tomax and retinue:
-Company Command Squad, officer of the fleet, voxcaster, regimental standard, 2 bodyguards, lascannon team
-Chimera with heavy stubber

Zartan and the Drednoks with the Thunder Machine:
-Veteran Squad, Sgt Harker, 3 meltaguns
-Chimera with dozer blade and heavy stubber

Crimson Guard:
-Veteran Squad, 3 meltaguns
-Chimera with heavy stubber

COBRA Blueshirts:
-Veteran Squad, 3 plasmaguns
-Chimera with heavy stubber

Toxovipers and Septic Tank:
-Veteran Squad, 3 flamers, voxcaster
-Chimera with heavy flamer and dozer blade

H.I.S.S. II:
-Leman Russ Vanquisher with lascannon and dozer blade

-Leman Russ Demolisher with heavy bolter sponsons

-Medusa Seige Cannon with enclosed crew compartment and bastion breacher shells



This roughs out to about 1850 points, plus or minus upgrades. I'm looking forward to some good games while I'm home.



  1. how come all the units are different colours - surely it's not clear that this is one army sometimes?

  2. Trust me dude, it works. All the units are based off GI JOE toys from the 80s.

  3. Man I want to be 10 again LOL. I love the look I can't wait till you get back here so I can see them in person and on the table.

  4. They look awesome. Nicely done Darren!