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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Where have we been?

So...We've been gone for some time and that's mainly my fault. I'm the guy that runs most of the social media and admin work on most of the Stratford Gaming Union sites. Running the forum, this blog our Facebook page and our twitter ( @StratfordGaming ) but a lot has gone on in the last few year that really has made me drop out of the hobby and thus the running of these sites. Not to bore you but to put it shortly I had started a new job at the same time burnt myself out of 40k and mini hobbies all together. This all came at the same time 6th Edition dropped which seemed a good time to take a break. I'm back though, I couldn't stay away to long. I've been playing 40k since 2nd Edition and with four armies I wasn't going to just stop forever. That said, planning for MMMV - The Fifth Annual Mike Mudd Memorial Tournament has started up with the writing of and testing of missions. You can bet Blood Bowl will be one of the first off the press. So with that I've started to plan out and re-work my 5th ed armies for 6th ed. My Iron Warriors which were mostly painted back in 3rd Ed need the biggest update. So my posts will probably start with my update to them.

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