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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Da Wulf Boyz

Ok guys, just a little update here but I think it is a pretty cool one. So this is the first Special Character for Da Wulf Boyz. I had such a fun idea about this model that I found I had to make this model part of the army. So when looking over Arjac I liked the idea that he has this hammer that he can throw and it'll teleport back into his hand. So as with many of the conversions I got the idea for a fun idea. So I got to thinking an Ork just wouldn't build in a teleporter, that would be just to much work. So what would an Ork do? He would just build a big hammer, then he'd chain it to his arm with a big chain so every time he tossed it, he could just drag it back to him. As well for this army the fluff for the Storm Shields is simply that the Orks have chopped up a Land Raider and are using the heavy armour panels to protect themselves.

So like I said, a quick post showcasing Orkjac Rocktoof!





So for him he is a combination of a few kits, a Mega Armour Ork, an arm from an Ork Biker Boss and an arm from the Black Ork Boss model, I figured he needed a cooler looking Storm Shield then the Thunder Cav models. And of course rather then the anvil that Arjac has I thought it more fitting to add a little Mek wrench to his armour, I thought that would be more fitting for an Ork rather than an anvil.

Let me know what you think.


  1. Hi, I saw your work on the B&C, while at work, but I decided to post my congrats here on the work and the excellent idea. Unlike many who detest count-as-armies, I find gamers and hobbyists like you who invest so much time, talent and energy into their creations an asset to the hobby. I for one will certainly be following the progress of this army and hope to be inspired to work more on mine.

    Thanks for sharing this great idea!