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Friday, September 16, 2011

20 Games With Tomb Kings : Batrep

1st Ed was a long time ago. And my opponent has been playing since then! I was up for quite a battle as he challenged me to a game. My first game back from my trip to Greece, it was time to get the ball rolling once more. Enjoy.

Teclis stood at the edge of the flowing river. He stared up at the high cliffs on either side of the pass. This would be the perfect place to ambush the undead King. He turned to face Lyrion, his most trusted commander and carrier of the battle standard, who approached him. Most certainly with the scouting report.
"My Lord, the undead have increased their march speed and will be upon us before the sun reaches noon."
Teclis looked away, staring at the low lying mist.
"We shall meet them here. The ancient fire walls and river shall hinder their advance. Make the archers ready for we make our stand..."
"Aye my lord"
Lyrion turned to join his cohort of swordmasters. Teclis was immobile, concentrating. He could feel the winds of magic gathering and the flames in his blood boiling from the hatred of this king. For the march had to be stopped and the old Mummy-King killed. They should not be allowed to reach the sea.

Now that was for you fluff readers :P.

So, lists. These are mostly form memory, so some items/gear might have been forgotten both should be 2500pts.
The Army of the High Elves:

BSB on foot with Battle Banner
Dragon Mage lv2 with 3 spells and the reaver bow.

20 Archers, full command
30 Archers, full command

25 Sword Masters, full command, banner of balance.

3 Bolt Trowers

Lots of Shooting, and magic. With a dragon for good measure and some sword masters to eliminate resistance.

[b]The Legions of the Tomb King:[/b]

Tomb King, Sword of Strife, Armour of Fortune, Dragonbane gem, Shield, Chariot
HLP- Earthing rod (lv3)

30 Archers, FC
40 Skeletons Hw/Sh, FC
7 Chariots, standard, banner of swiftness, musician.
10 Horse Archers

3 Necro Knights
1 Warsphynx

1 Catapult
1 Hierotitan
1 Casket
1 Colossus with Bolt thrower bow.

The mission: Battle for the pass. We rolled 5 terrain pieces, one river, some blazing barricades, a banestone and tower of blood and a regen marsh.

Spells- Teclis: Loremaster... fire.
Dragon mage: Flaming Sword, Fireball, firecloak

High Liche Priest: Movement, 5+ Ward and dangerous terrain hex (bah).

He won the roll and decided to deploy across the river. (which he had placed in an excellent location to hinder my movement)


Large unit of 30 was at the bottom with Teclis in it.

End of turn 1 I had moved up, the dragon moved back to take care of the horse archers that then charged the big line of archers. I moved up, cast my movement spell and he used teclis spell breaker to kill the spell :(. The Sword masters moved back.
Turn 2 saw me move up more after he shot a lot, and charge a bolt thrower with the chariots, who then overran into the sword masters. His turn 3 saw the large archer unit charge in to try and help in this massive combat:

He also moved to threaten my rightflank (with the knights) with his Dragon who was then to move up to take my warmachines.

That combat saw the chariots deal 19 impact hits (that then killed 13 of the sword masters) the unit champ with the bane something or other failed to kill my king and the chariots just mopped up killing the BSB and another few sword masters this ended up breaking both units and running down the swordmasters.

Turn 3 Tomb Kings:
The chariots reformed to face the HE army core... and then magic saw me cast a boosted 5+ ward. The catapult then dropped a rock on Teclis... who failed his LoS roll and was annihilated. This then caused my opponent to throw in the towel.

That was the endgame!

Tactical Tidbits:
- Had not tried the king on chariot with a legion of chariots. I like it its kills alot.
- The hierotitan once again proves its worth, I was reliably casting boosted spells with my level 3 with 4 dice.
- The bolt thrower giant drew a lot of attention and fire but failed to hit both times he shot. Can't wait to see what he does when he does hit.
- The knights did well, they were facing off a bolt thrower and 30 archers with teclis and they lasted more than 3 shooting phases. I do like the armour save, it allows them to soak up quite a bit of shooting.
- The horse archers did what they do best, cause distraction, having the dragon move to the backfield and then be out of position for a few turns was fantastic. Anyway.

Cheers! As always, stay tuned for more!

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