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Thursday, September 22, 2011

20 Games with Tomb Kings- game 45

So. On to the battle that I had this Tuesday... check out the original thread here:

A sunken green glow emanated from the eye sockets of the once great King. A thick smell of embalming fluids and wrappings surrounded the tall armour clad figure. With eerie silence that green glow surveyed the swamplands at the feet of his army, he could remember the smell of such swampland, and like many memories from long ago it made a deep hatred burn in his now dry veins. The lizard people had stolen it and by the Gods was it to be his once more!. He raised his sword and as one the legion began its advance as the sun began to rise.
As they entered the swamp the roar of the lizard people was heard and the battle commenced, there was not much time to prepare the formation of the legion.
"Memories.." the King thought to himself. "I wonder if they die like they used to"

Tee hee, I like these little mini stories.

So. Mission: Dawn Attack Point value: 2000pts
Lizardmen vs TK.

His army:
Ethereal Slaan with loremaster life, extra dice, and cupped hands.
Special character skink on howda thing, with loremaster heavens and special teclis like abilities.
Skink priest lv 2 with the cube!
Skink warrior with a biting blade and a bounce back shield.

25 Spear saurus
20 skinks with FC (character in here)
15?-20 Skirmishing skinks
2 packs of 1 salamander
15 temple guard

And that is about it... so 10 levels worth of magic and 16 spells all together...

My list:

Tomb King- Sword of strife, armour of destiny, dragonbane gem, shield, Light armour

Liche Priest lv 2 Hierophant with Earthrod.

40 Skeletons HW/Sh FC
30 Bowmen FC
3 Chariots, flaming banner
10 Light horsemen

3 Knights

Colossus with Great Bow

Deployment and t1.
We rolled off and I won, so had to roll for all my stuff first. I was rather lucky and had most of it set up in the middle and left, as well as my own choices so I clumped arround my hierophant.

His rolls were not bad either, and his army was opposite mine... he then used his special character to redeploy D3 units (to roll for them again) and got a sally pack on the my far right to fend off the fastcav. He then failed to steal the initiative... and the Tomb Kings advanced!

My thoughts... I needed to get stuck in fast... the ammount of potential magic damage that he could throw at me meant that any time wasted was dead skellies... hence I threw 6 dice at movement to get the army up fast, and get the archers in range to then spread out (turn2)... this put a wound on my hiero(due to miscast) but it was worth it, and it meant that he could not black cube my magic phase.

Lizzies: They moved up, shot a bit he rolled badly for his magic but was able to cast a comet in between my advancing army.

Turn 2 Tomb Kings:
The knights charge the skink block, and the chariots charge the skink skirmishers i take some wounds but get stuck in, the comet comes down and wounds the colossus.
He shuts down my magic phase with the cube but the chariots wipe out the skirmishing skinks on my far left. The knights took a chunk out of the sking block and the warcat charged a salamander in the center, failed to overrun far enough to help the snakes... but was now in the way of the temple guard.
The saurus charged the large skeleton block with the king, the slaan charged the warcat. Magic was once again uneventful as my opponent rolled a low roll, he regrew a few of the skinks. In combat the warcat lived with I think one wound left and the kings skeleton unit held up the saurus. The knights annihilated the skink block and pursued them landing into the sally that had fled from the warcat.

Turn 3 TK
The colossus charged into the saurus, the knights finish off the sally and reform to face the center. The warcat dies and the slaan faces the saurus combat (the saurus break and flee, the hierotitan runs after them, the skellies reform to face the slaan.

Lizzies... the saurus regroup and face the hierotitan. The temple guard fail to charge the skellies with the king! ANd the magic is once again... uneventful.

Turn 4 TK
The skellies with the king, the knights and the colossus charge the slaans block, and wipe them out to a man... in this combat:

Opponent threw in the towel.
Victory for the TK!


Tactical afterthought:

- My opponent spent way to many points on magic.
- The colossus with the bow is fun... he missed all game, but the potential is there, then having the thunderstomps later in the game is very useful!
- I did not miss the casket this game.
- The knights did very well on their own, i like them and against the poison they were awesome.

Till next time, Cheers!


  1. THX for the nice report, go tombkings!

    But how could your colossus charge the saurus? The pic shows he is blocked by his own troops as he's directly behind the skellies

  2. I made a mistake, the collossus did not charge the ssaurus the hierotitan did (ti thunderstomp) and then the collossus charged into the temple guard afterwards.

  3. Hey nice read.

    Good to see LM lose hahaha :) .
    Agreed that your opponent list too magic heavy, should have brought more saurus warriors IMO.

    I'm surprise at the performance of the Necropolis Knights performing so well. Going to get a box to try them out.