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Friday, September 30, 2011

20 Games with Tomb Kings - vs Orks!

Points 2500. O&G vs TK!
Mission: Battle for the pass.

Armies (from memory so plz excuse):
Black ork Warboss.
Gobbo BSB
3 Gobbo heroes with GW
Lv 4 Ork Shaman (with 5+ ward thingy)

40 Black Orks FC
40 Savage biguns w FC and double weapons
90 Night gobbos, with nets. (general and gobbo heroes here)
20 Gobbos Archers
5 Wolf riders
5 savage riders
5 boar riders
2 solo wolf chariots

And I think thats it. Here was his deployment:

My list:

King on Chariot with my Fav build by far:
Sword of Strife
Armour of Destiny
Dragonbane Gem

Lv2 with Nehek Rod
Lv 1 light with Scroll

7 Chariots, SB, Mus Swiftbanner
20 Bows
40 Skeletons
10 Light Horse

3 Knights

Colossus with Bow

And Deployment:

And the orks took the first turn!... here comes the horde.

Turn 1 Orks: The orks advanced! The boarboyz turned to face the 10 horsearchers that had scouted to the back of his army. The chariots advanced the 20 gobbo archers and the BSB made it into the building. Magic was uneventful.

Turn 1 Tomb Kings:

Shuffled a bit about. Moved the chariots forward to bring the bows to bear on the black orks and do nothing. The horse archers fire on the savage boar riders on the far left (my left) and kill one. The Colossus with a bow actually hits! yay, and wounds a chariot and then only does one wound :(. Magic sees me take a wound off the wolf riders. Shooting sees a few orks dead.

Turn 2 Orks:

Wolf riders get in the way of the warcat. The chariots move up again, everything moves up at full tilt. The 20 gobbos and bsb get out of the building and move up with the army. The boarboys at the back shuffle back keeping the horse archers at bay.

Turn 2 Tomb Kings:

The knights charge the chariot on the far right, it flees, they redirect against the savage boarboyz and kill all but one. The warcat kills the wolf riders and reforms to face the big un wild boys. The big unit of 40 skellies moves up, buffed to help them survive a charge. The chariots prepare to charge the black orks (gasp!) I kill the other chariot with shooting. The chariot that flees ends up falling into a rocky area and crashes and dies.

Turn 3 Orks:

This turn was key. The 20 man gobbo unit, rolled a double one to squabble... and picked a fight with the unit of 90 goblins with the bosses!!! this pinned both units in place. The black orks then just advanced towards the chariots, not wanting to get bogged down with the skeleton warriors. The reformed the boarboyz facing back to face forward and moved them up towards my mage bunker. Magic saw him drop a few chariots with foot and then move the large savage unit onto my flank with the hand (what an amazing spell!). In combats my knights finally finished off the savage boar riders and reformed to face the middle.

Turn 3 Tomb Kings:

I decided what the heck! and charged the king and chariot into the black orks. I was very curious about how much damage they could do. The warcat moved to get in the way of the savage orks. The horse archers moved up at full tilt now, and the knights charged the flank of the boarboyz. In magic I set boosted smiting! 5+ ward on the chariots and got enough chariot wounds back to have my back rank back :D. The combined shooting of the army killed the 20 gobbo unit and the BSB included :D. The knights killed the boarboyz and overran towards the other side of the table. The chariots killed about 8 black orks, my impact hits sucked and i did not roll alot of hits :( but my opponents rolling was also atrocious, so the combat balanced out... I did lose combat by 1 but still had my king and 2 chariots left.

Turn 4 Orks:

The savage orks neutered my warcat... and moved into my magebunker :o. The gobbo unit failed to charge the skeletons. Magic was basically uneventful.
Combat with the king and chariots saw the king kill quite a few and one chariot be left alive with 2 wounds! But the TK won the combat (the king with +2 A sword was pivotal in killing enough to keep me in the fight.

Turn 4 Tomb Kings:

The knights got a long charge off to contact the flank of the black orks :D. The skellies charged into the gobbos (that although they were in a forest... it was a fungus forest and as gobbos it made them stubborn!). The skellies did very well and killed off one gobbo hero, and did not completely die. The Collossus with bow moved up and the hierotitan moved up as well. I got off another boosted smiting :D this was great. The combat with the black orks saw a lot of them die to few wounds in return (I also had a 5+ ward on the chariots). The magebunker died but most of my units were within the Kings LD bubble so no biggie.

Turn 5 Orks:

The savage orks use magic again to move to protect the flank of the gobbos. The black orks fell back. The snakes and chariots reformed. The skellies once again do well in the combat, and kill another gobbo hero.

Turn 5 Tomb Kings:
Put the hierotitan in the way of the savage orks to protect the flank of the skellies and force them to overrun down, put the chariots in a place where they could get a flank charge on them. The knights moved up to get a flank on the gobbos. The colossus moves into the back of the gobbo unit and tramples a bunch of them. And the skellies kill yet another gobbo hero!

Turn 6 Orks:

The Savage orke charge the hierotitan and kill him and overrun a grand 10 " to charge the casket... the gobbos hold but are not winning the combat.

Turn 6 Tomb Kings:

Ok, this had been a fun game, so although I could conserve the points for the chariots, I decided to play for fun and charged the 2 remaining chariots onto the flank of the savage boys (to try and snipe his Lv 4) and the king charged into the gobbo unit to end the game with an epic challenge on the warboss :D The knights also charged the flank of the gobbos.
The chariots exploded (so did the casket) and the king took another wound, but took 2 off of the Black Ork Warboss, and although the gobbos lost combat they held!

We counted up the points and a down the middle draw. What a fun game! In a tournament of course, the chariots and king would have stayed put to safeguard those 700pts for the win.


Hope you all liked the read! Cheers.