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Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Korean Konnection - 1


Darren here, from the Land of Morning Calm- South Korea!

I've been back in the ROK for three months now, but being half a world away from my friends in the SGU hasn't dampened my spirits (too much). I keep collecting and playing whenever I can. Current projects are a COBRA themed Mech Guard army, extra gubbins for my Orks and someday I'll finish painting up Shawn's, err, my White Scars.

Thankfully, there is one GW store in Korea, and it is awesome!

Orctown not only supports GW, but Warmachine/Hordes, Flames of War and a variety of historical mini series like Imjin War. Games can be prearranged through their website and it is a friendly, well maintained little slice of gaming heaven.

I played my first game in over a month today. I pitted my "Hot Lead" Orks against a rather odd Black Templar build. The game was Seize Ground, Spearhead deployment, 2000 points. Check out his forces...

No shooting with a range of more than 24" in all 2000 points. I guess he was planning to bring the fight to me. Problem was, he didn't. He dithered, sending in his forces with no real cohesion. He expected me to come straight at him, and I guess he was hoping to surround me when I did. But being a sneaky git, I did no such thing, hur hur hur! When I redeployed to my right (sorry, pictures didn't turn out), he dithered some more and I was able to take his scoring units apart in detail. Ghazkull & Co. were up to their usual tricks, seeing off his Marshall, Assault Squad and Initiates with enough left to threaten his Terminators.

When his Assault Termies finally hit home, they made a mess of my Battlewagon and Ard Boyz. Some return fire thinned them out, until only the Emperor's Champ, wounded, threatened my other Battlewagon at the end of turn 3. But by then, his confidence was shot. His scoring units were gone, and I still had the GhazNobz and some Boyz to grab objectives. He threw in the towel, citing how far behind the curve BT have become. Given my experience against Pete and Ridvan's Templars, I'm not really sure what the heck he was talking about...

Flush with success, the ladz still undefeated in Korea, I celebrated as you might expect. I spent way too much money on the hobby... again! Well, better that, then waiting another 6 weeks for a fresh shipment to come in. Looks like I got some work ahead of me. Now, if only those COBRA decals would get here...

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  1. Holy cow Darrin that store looks cool. They have a huge selection of products by the look of it. Glad you are able to get in games, I'll be worried when you come back here with a big Guard list ready to smash me up.