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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Project Blood Angels

Ok so the first Tournament for the new painted Blood Angels has come and gone. It actually went very well. It was a 4 game tournament.

The first game was against oddly enough another Blood Angel player. It was Dawn of War and Kill Points. This was a game where honestly I miss played. I played for a tie for some odd reason honestly and didn't play aggressive at all. I should have, he had long range shooting and as you remember from seeing my army the best I had was 24" Assault Cannons. I kept back and finally he pooped my Razorbacks for a loss of 0 Kill Points to 2. I was disappointed in that game I should have just threw my army forward and worst case I still lose.

Second game was with a friend, Sara and her Nid hoard. She had her Tervigons just pumping out the gaunts. In two turns they pumped out they dumped out 39 Guants. This game was multiple objectives with 3 of them. Spearhead deployment, there was a building right in the middle of the table and deployed behind it. My deployment zone almost put me on two of the three. So I knew if I could just hold mine I could pull off a win. So I moved up and put all my tanks in a mobile wall strung out between the two of them and on my left flank I held off the nids with my Terminators, the other was held by Sanginor and Mephiston. With Feel No Pain and Furious Charge I was able to keep the Nids back and win the game 2 to 1. Her army parted around the building letting me hold off both halves.

Third game was against a friend Pete and his Mech Guard. Now before anyone groans he doesn't play what would be a Leaf Blower he runs 4 different russes, not a single vendetta or valkyrie. Now what he does have is a lot of Vets in chimera's but who wouldn't play that when playing guard. This was also multiple objectives, there were 4. It was Pitched Battle. I lined up across from the Guard now I have play tested this list of mine against this same guard list a couple of times leading up to this tournament. I knew that if I just ran my army as fast as I could towards the guard I could pin him and and pull the army apart. Now this worked in all my test games and also worked here. However, I did feel bad, as I knew my chances were very good but this was helped by Pete the guard player rolling some terrible dice or myself rolling very well. By turn 4 I had only lost 8 marines, after the game was over, I lost 10 or so marines and one Razorback. Needless to say this game went well in my favor.

The last game was against a hybrid? Space wolf list. I have seen a Logan-wing army and this was sort of half of that. It was 3 Drop Pods, 1 with three wolf guard and combi-meltas in terminator armor. A pod with Njal and 5 terminator wolf guard with power weapons. A Pod with Logan and 5 Terminators with power weapons. 3 tanks full of grey hunters and a squad of long fangs with missile launchers. This game pretty much came down to a huge assault in the middle. His list was elite and could have pulled my army apart in parts, so I kept my army packed in the middle. It was kill points again. The middle of the board at one point had 9 units in the same close combat. In one turn he shot at the termies with all his rhinos, all his pods and then assaulted my terminators with Logan, his 5 termies, and 20 grey wolves both with wolf banners popped. Two Terminators and their Priest lived through the combat. I then counter assaulted with Mephiston, and two of the 6 man assault squads. When the smoke cleared I still had two terminators, Mephiston and one assault squad with 4 members. All in all I managed to table the player.

So I went 3-1 and I was 1 point out of over all and took home the Best General prize. I was very happy with the army.

Next week is 1000points for a doubles event. So my new list requires new things to be painted. Firstly the HQ will be a Librarian. So I want to show off my Librarian models. I have kit bashed both models. Here they are, I'll explain all the parts in each following the pictures.


The first one I built is here...


He consists of Sanguinary Guard body Axe and Death Company legs. A Death company head. An actual Librarian arm with the book and a Death Company back pack.

The second one I built is here...


He has a tank commander head, Sanguinary Guard body, Death Company legs, His Axe is actually a Space Wolf Runic axe with the runes green stuffed over. His back pack is a Canis Wolfborn back pack with the bones taken off of it. The book is form the Chaos Terminator box set, the arm holding it is a bolter army with the hand replaced with a Sangunary Guard open hand holding

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