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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

2 Daemons, 1 Kit

Hello, Sara again with some Daemonic goodness to share!

After ages of waiting, the Plastic Daemon Prince kit emerges from the Warp. I have been wanting to get a start on a Chaos Daemon army, and now is a good time to get a bit of a start. This kit is a good solid base to create those monstrous daemons, including greater daemons. First thing I wanted to do was create a Bloodthirster. The metal one is plain fugly and expensive. With this kit for a base, I can create something way more badarse! With some jewelery chain, a lot of greenstuff, skulls, the champion Bloodletter horns, and reference material, I came up with this bad boy. It even has that infamous Khorne chain thong.

Making that whip was a bit of a pain though. Easiest way for me was to make it look daemonicly possessed with the rope all alive and thirsting for blood. Also gave it a blood soaked look like it drank the blood from all it touched.

The beauty of this kit is that you can make a second Daemon from all the leftover spare bits! So I then created a Daemon Prince of Tzeentch.

I had half the body with the leftover chest peice. I just had to fill in the back. I placed a tinfoil ball inside and build up around with it greenstuff, and used the mechanical back bits as well to fill in the extra space. All the tubing is from a robot toy and it matches the armoured arm and back bits quite nicely. The third eye and other details were added in with greenstuff. I added more arms with leftovers from the Pink Horrors kit, and the leftover face was made into a sinister spell coming from the Princes hand. That palm area really needs to be filled in. Basically with this prince, being cut in half didn't even stop it. It just hovers around and its rather fitting for a creature of Tzeentch!

Having a lot of fun with this one kit, I got another and created a second Daemon Prince of Tzeentch. Pinky ended up a lot more surreal then its blue counterpart!

With the skull rack back bits, you need to be very careful as they can snap off easily. The Icon that came with the Pink Horrors is Pinkies staff, and since DP's cant take icons, its perfectly fine to use it as a weapon. The worm things are a "I dunno I just did it" thing lol. There was a large gap under that shoulder armour that needed to be filled. Those were Pinkies hair but I didnt like it. So I recycled the greenstuff snakes into a new feature. Maybe Pinky grabs a handful and they turn into magic missiles when it throws them! And then more grow back! With the leftover bits, I plan to make a flying Nurgle Prince.

Overall, it is a very solid kit! Wish it had more decorative bits though, and it does have some issues like the seam on the palm of the "open handed armoured arm". With some creativity, sneaking another Daemon out of the kit saves a lot of money in the long run. The leftover bits can also be used to customize up your Soulgrinders and any other large minion of Chaos too! I do plan to get yet another kit to try my hand at a plastic Keeper of Secrets sometime too!

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