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Friday, August 27, 2010

Atmospheric Objective Markers

Hi, Sara here with my first article on this Blog (Finally got the darned thing to log me in without hassle.). I will be posting hobby related material here and I hope it will cause some inspiration for all your wargaming junkies out there!

When it comes to objective markers, the usual ones are those green flags or spare change. Why not spice things up with your own set of custom markers? You can actually add a lot of atmosphere to your armies with a nice set of scenic markers and also add a boost to your display board for tournaments. I will show you my Tyranid and Ork markers that I have made using those large flat 60 mm bases (Think they are the titan bases for epic).

You will have a lot of spare bits lying around, like weapons, biomorphs, spare arms and heads for example. With my Tyranid bases, I went with somthing simple yet gribbly by using those infestation markers that come with Genestealers. Then I take some Adrenal Gland bits and tie them all together with some Greenstuff. Then some paint and gloss varnish to finish them off and now I have a set of infested landscape for my bugs to defend.

For my Ork horde, I have lots of spare weaponry and vehicle parts laying around. I created little weapon cashes loaded with Orky goodness. One pile of Stikkbombs, one pile of Rokkits and a Big Shoota hold being tended to by Grots. The Rokkit pile was made from cutting the Rokkits of the Kombi weapons that come with the Nob kit, and the Grot poping out of the pile is the backpack found in the Loota/Burna box. Stikkbombs are quite common in Ork kits. An Ammo Runt from the Nobs kit is charged with carrying the Stickbombs to the pile. The Big Shoota pile has one Shoota from the AoBR set, and one from the Deff Dred kit. The Grots are from the Grot boxset. The other 2 objectives are fluffy to my Ork Army, who horde the bones of all they slay and offer them to Gork/Mork in giant piles. The Grots are from the Grot boxset and the skulls are from the Pile of Skulls blister and various kits/bits bins.

With large scenic markers like these, you should check if its ok with your opponent to use them. Better be safe and check with tournaments too, and see if there is any objective size limits. I have a set of small ones just in case, and they are just the small pile of skulls, which I do not have a photo of at the moment. Small objectives can also be small ammo staches, wounded troops, the options are endless. It just takes an imagination and a pile of bits to create some scenic objective markers for your forces!


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