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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

NEW Dark Eldar List. Musings


Ok, so after reading and reading more on the book there are a few notes:

Power From Pain is a great rule!

The Duke is one of the best characters in the book and I will be using him often. 2 rolls on the drug table, picking the one he wants. 2+ poison dual blades, that are power weapons on 5+, Shadowfield, Makes all Raiders, Venoms, and Ravagers able to deepstrike AND he makes the unit he is deployed with have all their poison weapons become poison 3+.

Best served with a unit of trueborn (elite warriors) with dual splinter cannon, all with splinter carbines (assault 3 18" weapons) and a raider with splinter racks, that allows all splinter weapons (except cannon) to re roll misses. Nasty nasty.


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