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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Project Blood Angels

So it has been a while since I have updated the Blood Angels. I do have another tournament this weekend and I am trying to get a new list done for that, we'll see how that goes, I am rushing through a Dev squad with Missile launchers and trying to get a Auto Cannon/Las pred done as well. However with none of that done yet and thus the army list not ready for photos I thought I would turn to some other items I have painted up for the army that won't be in this list but which I intend to use from time to time. So this week we'll look at all the diffrent Dreadnoughts the Blood Angels can use. First we have the Death Company Dread. This is the first one I have painted, I have another on the go. Both are made from the old Furioso metal kit.


Secondly we have my Librarian Dreadnought. This is made from a Forgeworld Dreadnought as well for the Force Weapon I used the Forgeworld Nemisis Dreadnought weapon. I only have one of these so far but I plan to pick two more up soon.


Next we have the traditional Furioso, again made from the old metal kit. I have two of these as well, this one is done, the other is about 95% done.


Lastly we have the Heavy Support Dreadnought. This one is made from the Venerable kit, because much like the Marines in my army that I have made sure are full of bling due to the fluff that Blood Angels take pride in the look of their armor I thought that Techmarines would take equal pride in the look of the dreads they take care of. I only have one of this kit so far, I have two old dreads that are years old and look terrible, they are fine to test lists with but will eventually be replaced with more venerables. Also in the mail right now are my Twin Linked Auto cannon arms from forge world for this guy. I plan to have 3 Rifleman dreads when it is all said and done. This guy can change both his arms out for various other types of guns.


For those keeping track I currently have 8 Dreads for my Blood Angles. I love these guys.

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