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Saturday, June 4, 2011

20 Games With TK: Tourney Pt2

2 More games to report, the last two from the tournament a weekend ago, (later I will have another game from thursday!)

Game 3 of the tourney saw me pitted up against Lizardmen. I will keep this one short. Mission was blood and glory and I broke his army in 4 turns. I felt slow played and had quite a few arguments with my opponent after a dodgy declare charges phase that included some shady pivots and moves. Needless to say, I won the game, but did not have a good time. The things that worked still, tomb guard were awesome. The light cav pulled some skinks from the main battle line, the colossus exploded after a horrible set of rolling when into some saurus... and the carrion held up an entire flank (20 skinks and a salamander pack).

So, after that sportsmanship disaster I went on to have the best game I had all day, against who? Another fellow tomb king! His list:

2 Kings
3 lv 2's
2 units of 45 archers
warsphynx and 2 colossi.

All in all highlights from this game were:
My casket was awesome, killed his warsphynx and pulled a lot of his dispel dice. My bows peppered away one colossus while the other exploded against the HW/Sh skeletons. The TG rocked one unit of bowmen in the center and killed all the characters within 3 priests and a king... My light horse went up against his casket and won. At the end all I had lost was the HW/Sh skellies and the prince that ran with them. All he had left was the remainder of 45 archers and a king (blade of antarak).

We had tonnes of fun, and my opponent was very keen to mold his army up more in tune to the style that I was playing :D.

So, that was the tournament, I placed 9th out of 11... But did learn a lot. As soon as I got home I built another 50 skeleton spearmen and went about building a 2500pt list with all the tactical changes and knowledge that I had gathered from the tournament.

I was able to take all this to the table on thursday, when I got to play 2500pts... who did I play? Dwarfs. So I was up for a tough game. On my next post I shall discuss my list, his list and the mission we played as well as other notes.


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