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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Korean Konnection 5: You Dirty Rats!

Anyong Haseyo!

I've been back in the land of morning calm for three weeks now. Was I really in Canada at all?

Back to the grind of herding Korean schoolchildren and being mistaken for an American. (not always a bad thing, but you know...)

Only 47 weeks to go!

Played my second game ever with my nicely painted Skaven. Thanks again Bob for a great job! I can't wait until the next wave arrives! (No, seriously, I can't, check out this list, it's insane without some Clanrats...)

~Grey Seer on Screaming Bell, Skavenbrew
~Chieftan, BSB, Banner of the Under-Empire, extra weapon, tail weapon, poison attacks
~Warlock Engineer, lvl 1, Doomrocket
~Deathmaster Snikch
~40 Stormvermin, full command, shields, ratling gun, Razor Banner
~53 Skavenslaves (who look like Celts), pawleader, musician
~6 Rat Ogres, master-bred rat ogre, 3 handlers
~Warp Lightning Cannon
~Warp Lightning Cannon

Opponent was my friend Christian who dusted off his Brettonians...

THE ENTIRE GAME (after deployment):

1. The Brettonians pray, I get first turn.
2. I move my units forward.
3. I attempt to cast Howling Warpgale, dispelled.
4. I attempt to cast The Dreaded 13th Spell, failed.
5. I fire my Doomrocket, 1 Knight falls.
6. I fire my Warp Lightning Cannon, misfire, I narrowly miss clipping 10 Skavenslaves with the Str 10 beam.
7. I fire my Warp Lightning Cannon at his General, his BSB fails his 'look out sir' roll, he and 2 Knights fail their ward save, the BSB takes 5 wounds and dies horribly, he rolls for morale and fails with an '11', the General, his Damsel and the Knights flee off the table.
8. Christian vows never to play Brettonians again.

Good, uh, game?

Well, at least he has this for the journey home. A Crappersaurus?

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