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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

20 Games With TK: Tourney Pt1

Ok, so.

Game 1: Against VC. His list, from memory:
400+ pt lord vamp (nasty nasty)
Vamp with book.

30+ Graveguard
4 units of ghouls

And thats about it. A very in my face army, the ghoul units varied in size but were about 25-30 strong.

We played the diagonal deployment battle with a modified tower "king of the hill" scenario. I had my chariots in reserve he had everything on the table. He had 2 units of ghouls and book vamp on to my left, facing the skelly horde with prince. And then the other two units of ghouls and graveguard deathstar on the right side.

Anyway the game started well for me, with turn 1-3 going my way. until I charged the TG into the graveguard! And found out that that unit had an 8 combat res standing still :O. +1 for each vamp (gen and BSB), then BSB with a warbanner, and a standard and 3 ranks! So my TG lasted for a bit... but ended all dying. It was in this case that I wished I would have kept the BoUL on the TG... because the combat was away from the support of the priests... I also made the mistake of going into horde with my TG... but then he did the same to get more GG attacks.
On the far flank, suprisingly I had my colossus and carrio tie up a large unit of ghouls for about 6 rounds of combat...
On the other side I had 5 horse archers tie up another unit of ghouls until the chariots charged in and wiped them out.

In the end he had 3 units to my 2 units within 6 inches of the building in the middle, and he took the primary, secondary was to win by 300vp... and he had that ( I had only been able to get one unit of ghouls! (my TK almost killed the uber vamp, and I was unable to KB the BSB after all those rounds of combat :(.)

So a sound loss, to the TK.

Game 2: VS Dwarfs, gun line... his list:
BSB Thane
20 HW/Sh warriors
20 GW Warriors

2 x 10 handgunners
2x 10 crosbowmen
2 x grudgethrowers
2x cannon
2x bolt throwers

Mission was dawn attack. He had most of his things in the middle and to my left.

I scouted the horse archers to the right, the TG in the middle deployed in two lines to mitigate fire and the other units on the right...
This mission was me moving up and him shooting... the casket was great this game! Killing dwarves left and right... the LH and carrion got into the backfield and tied up the warmachines... But turn 3 it all changed! i charged my colossus into the handgunners up front... and killed them, overrunning into the lords HW/sh unit... the lord had the rune of double str against tough opponents... so my giant died horribly! He then proceeded to take out my prince with the 40 skeletons... The TG failed a key charge on a double one... and were unable to make an impact on the game. regardless... It was quite the game untill my hiero then died... killing the carrion and the horse archers to crumble and then the catapult.

This is what I took away from that-
- Make the hiero bunker bigger... so that there is always 5 R&F models for LOS.
- once again the BoUL was missed, the TG usually stray away from the main bubble.

So, two losses under my belt and I went into round 3 after lunch. My opponent? Lizardmen, finally a matchup that I have played before... sadly my worst opponent of the day.


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