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Sunday, July 10, 2011

20 Games With Tomb Kings - The Recap

I have not posted all 20 (24) games on this blog. But the original thread can be found here:

That makes 21 Games(well 4 for the prologue and 21 games). For all, here is a recap:

(1).vs Empire 2200 - loss
(2).vs Lizardmen 2200- loss
(3).vs O&G 1500 - win
(4).vs Lizardmen 2200 (win)
1- vs WoC 2200 - win
2- vs Skaven 2000 - Win
3- vs Skaven 2000 - Win
4- vs O&G 1500 - win
5- vs HE 2000 - win
6- vs Skaven 1200 - loss
7- vs Skaven 1200 - win
8- vs Skaven 2000 - loss
9- vs VC 2200 - loss
10- vs Dwarfs 2200 - loss
11- vs Lizardmen 2200 - win
12- vs Tomb Kings 2200 - win
13- vs Dwarfs 2500 - loss
14- vs Skaven 1500 - win
15- vs Lizardmen 2500 - win
16- vs Empire 2500 - win
17- vs OnG 1000 - loss
18- vs WoC 1000 - loss
19- vs Bretonnia 2500 - win
20- vs High Elves 1500 win
21- vs Empire 2500 - win

Each game has been a learning experience. Up until now I have only tried and tested the old units of the Tomb King book (basically everything that I already owned), things like characters, the necro knights and the big monsters have all been on the sidelines. GW is expensive and I have been working on my Dark Eldar for 40K so I had to make due. I think it is fair to say that even a basic list can do moderately well at Fantasy with the Tomb Kings, I am by no means a saavy of the game and most of the uber combos or items of other books still surprise me. But I never forget, that is for sure (very tomb-kingy of me don't you think?) and this has made every other game more of an experience.

Anyway. I shall be posting a short summary of each game in turn, as well as some tactical notes and learning brain notes. The next leg of the "journey" has only just begun as I dive deeper into buiding not only more agressive TK lists, but also ones that incorporate the newer models. As a treat here is what I am working on at the moment, the thunderpurrer kitty monster:

I did some converting to the main body so that it looks more catlike overall and greenstuffed some flames into the mouth to wysiwyg the breathweapon. I have also been thinking of painting it black marble, like a panther and one of the howdah riders will be holding onto some reins.

Well my fellow journeymen! For the sands of Khemri!


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