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Thursday, July 14, 2011

20 Games With Tomb Kings - Sumary Pt1

General Overview of the journey:

(1).vs Empire 2200 - loss
This was the first game with the TK that I played. It was quite a blast. Although my opponent ran an illegal 4 cannon empire list. This meant that my colossus did not stand a chance. Here was 42 White wolf knights that had a priest and Karl Franz for a commander... this 1500pt unit rolled up my entire army. I learned a few things this first game.
- The tomb king spells are NOT RIP... they are augments. I was casting them and then he was dispelling them in his turn... not something that should have happened but I did not forget after that.
- The Horse Archers were awesome, they took out all 4 cannon. And finished off the stank. (getting me all the points that i go that game.
- The value of a large skeleton block with a prince. They held up the huge death-star for a long time. I jumped the gun and ran my tomb guard in too early instead of moving them to a flank arc. Having done that the game would have worked very differently.

(2).vs Lizardmen 2200- loss
This game was quick and brutal. We did not finish the game, but there was no point. His slaan was devastating and I was unable to make any headway against this very competitive list. A few things that I learned.
- Lv 2's were not the best, with the new magic I was now suffering from things like becalming and cupped hands.
- 5 Light horse did not hold up to a unit of 10 skinks... needed more.
- Large skeleton tar-pit was great! Again... quickly became a staple in every one of my lists.

(3).vs O&G 1500 - win
At this point value no one can really have anything that is stupidly strong and the game becomes quite balanced as if you do take a maxed out lord you have to begin to cut other things out. I decided to try the chariots in a large unit with a prince this game but they ended up not doing anything as the unit that they were up against ran into a building.
Things that did work:
- Large skeleton unit, once again.
- Was still tinkering with the wargear on my princes.

(4).vs Lizardmen 2200 (win)
This was a rematch against the lizardmen list of game 2. I did a lot better, this ime taking a King with a deathmask (its debut) it was awesome, I tar-pitted the slaan with the skeletons and prince, and then ran a saurus unit to the flank down with the TG and king. We had to call it but had the game continued I would have been able to flank the temple guard with the tomb guard for the win in blood and glory.
- I realized the value of the "boosted" spells, and I did take 10 horse archers, who this time beat the skins and then were boosted by a boosted spell.
- All this time the casket has been in every one of my lists and it is staying!

1- vs WoC 2200 - win
Tower battle, placed my unit of TG in the building and won rather easily as he was unable to dislodge them. IMO this mission is awesome for Unbreakable armies.
- Used carrion, were great for redirecting charges.

Anyway this is a short overview of all the battles. The rest will come soon.


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