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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Da Wulf Boyz


     So, the first day of the experiment is over. I took my Wulf Boyz to my first tournament today. It was a four game tournament at 1500 points. So I took my 1850 point list and trimmed it down to 1500 points. It made for an ugly list but I wanted to take it to start the year long test.

     So the first thing I did was talk to the tournament orginizer about the army. I brought two armies just in case there was an issue with the army I would have a back up army. The tournament orginizer had no issue with me bringing the army so the first hurdle was passed. Though this was a local tournament so I didn't fear the rejection.


     So random pairing put me up against the store ringer army played by the tournament orginizer. So already knowing he had no issues with the army we didn't go into the army to much. He made fun of me a little just to bust my chops but said he personally had no issues with the army.

     I massacured the ringer army and that put me up against a fellow Stratford Gaming Union member Bob. Bob has a big Nid army. Now he has seen pictures of the army just like everyone but he hadn't seen the army in person or on the table. He mentioned he really wanted to see the army in person. Bob is a Stratford Gaming Union member that is very much into the painting and conversion side of the game and his opinion on the models would mean a lot to me. He was very impressed with them. He has faced another players Space Wolf army enough that without me telling him anything about the army he was able to tell what everything was. I tied that game and so far 2 games, two people that had no issues. However both of these people have seen the army at least in pictures before hand so it was to early to tell.


     So, game three. After lunch I played a player Simon, local to the store we were playing in. However this would be the first true test. Simon has never seen a picture of the army nor has he seen anything about it till it hit the table. So Simon plays a very Raider/Venom heavy army. So I tried to hold out as best I could but the weight of fire just was to much and a few key failed saves ment he won the game.

     So onto his thoughts on the army. Now I will say I have played Simon before in a few games at tournaments but he is not part of my local group. But he does know me. I didn't describe anything about the army to him to start. I put the models on the table and without having to answer any questions other then Space Wolf rules questions he never asked me what each model was. The only model he didn't totally know was my Arjac. He knew it was a Wolf Guard in terminator armor, so when he asked I let him know it was Arjac, not just a no named Wolf Guard.


     So game four would finally be a total test. I played against a Player by the name of Shawn. Shawn is a player I know of but I have never met him nor have I every played against him. So finally a player I don't know and doesn't know me and has never seen the army or heard of me. Lets see how this goes? Not to go into to many deatails, Arjac and my Wolf Lord ate most of his army but at the end of the day he never asked me anything about the army, he knew what everything was. In fact when he was going to charge his librarian into a grey hunter squad he knew to move around the squad because the closest model to him at the time was the power fist model and the power weapon model. He never asked me where those models were, just knew to look for them and avoid them. He really liked the look of the army and said he would have been happy to play against it if it wasn't the second time he had to play against a Thunder Wolf list (Sorry Shawn).

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  1. Glad it went well, and that the army passed the "sniff test". I do think that only people who are unfamiliar with SW in general would have serious questions...and they'd have the same questions with a regular SW army.