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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Da Wulf Boyz



Well that statement isn't totally true. I have been working on this army for a long time now. This army has been a labor of love and at times pain. It is a counts as army but I had been doing everything in my power to see to it that everything was not confusing for people. For those that don't know I have been planning and building this army almost for a year and the reason for building it was to attend one of the largest events in the country. Here in Ontario there is an event called the Warmasters Challenge. It is a two day event with a double tournament on the Saturday and a Singles event on the Sunday.

Warmasters Challenge Web Site

Last year the doubles had 104 people for 52 teams involved. My Partner and I managed to get Best General in the event losing Best Overall by two points.


After seeing all the people and the events, the singles had over 100 people as well I was inspired by some armies I saw to work on a cool conversion army to take to the event this year. So over the past year I have spent a lot of money and time working on Da Wulf Boyz which you have seen here. I submitted a package to the staff of the Warmaster event letting them know what I am bringing and what everything is. With pictures of everything it ended up being an 8 page document detailing everything from why I started the army, to what I used to convert everything as well as reasons I chose different things.

However after sending that in I have received word that the army will not be aloud into the event. Reasons being it would be to confusing. The main points of contention are that I used Sluggas instead of Bolt Pistols (both of which have the same profile in game terms). The fact that I used Rokkit Launchas instead of Missile Launchers (Again both have the same profile in game terms). My one bolter that I have in the army is a Shoota (admittedly these do have different game profiles). And my Wolf Priest has a Maul for his Crozius. Now I have 3 power weapons in my army, all three look totally different then the other weapons because they have a blue color on them that sets them apart so anyone looking can see which is powered and which are not. As well the Wolf Priest is the only one in Black Armor so he is easy to pick out. Lastly were my two Meltaguns which are converted and I will provid pictures they are the only weapons built from scratch but they are the only two models carrying a two handed weapon. As well as their weapons have big yellow 'danger' tanks on them to signal them as Melta.





Now the council for the Warmaster event have said that if I converted some of these things over I would be able to bring the army. I will admit I was toying with the idea but time would be a factor as the event is 5 weeks away and in those 5 weeks I have 2 other 2500point tournaments I need to get armies ready for as well as a two week vacation with my family to put in there. However a comment I was sent about the army really put me off my want to change anything. One of the Comments I got back was and I quote from an e-mail "That is proxied, power-gamed shenanigans" Now lower you will be able to see my list which includes 13 Blood Claws on FOOT. only one, yes you read that right, one Long Fang Pack. As well as only two tanks, one Rhino and one Razorback. So for those counting my only anti-mech is one Lascannon and five Missiles in 1850. If this army list I post is considered power gaming I'll eat the whole army with salt. I was told this is a competitive event and they didn't want anyone confused by the army and complaining, later to be told that this was power gaming? As well I have provided a size comparison picture here you can see my stuff is the same size if not bigger then what they are representing.

1850 Pts - Space Wolves Roster

Total Roster Cost: 1849

HQ: Wolf Lord in Power Armour (3#, 270 pts)
1 Wolf Lord in Power Armour, 250 pts = (base cost 100 + Storm Shield x1 30) + Wolf Tail Talisman 5 + Wolftooth Necklace 10 + Thunderwolf Mount 45 + Frost Weapon x1 25 + Saga of the Bear 35
2 Fenrisian Wolf, 20 pts = 2 * 10

HQ: Wolf Priest in Power Armour (1#, 115 pts)
1 Wolf Priest in Power Armour, 115 pts = (base cost 100) + Wolf Tail Talisman 5 + Saga of the Hunter 10

HQ: Rune Priest in Power Armour (1#, 100 pts)
1 Rune Priest in Power Armour, 100 pts

Elite: Wolf Guard Pack (3#, 264 pts)
1 Wolf Guard Pack, 0 pts
1 Wolf Guard in Power Armour, 38 pts = (base cost 18 + Power Fist x1 20)
1 Wolf Guard in Power Armour, 38 pts = (base cost 18 + Power Fist x1 20)
1 Arjac Rockfist, The Anvil of Fenris, 188 pts

Troops: Blood Claws Pack (13#, 195 pts)
13 Blood Claws Pack, 195 pts = 13 * 15

Troops: Grey Hunters Pack (9#, 200 pts)
7 Grey Hunters Pack, 150 pts = 7 * 15 (base cost 15) + Mark of the Wulfen 30 + Wolf Standard 10 + Meltagun 5 + Power Weapon 15
1 Grey Hunter w/ Mark of the Wulfen, 15 pts
1 Rhino, 35 pts

Troops: Grey Hunters Pack (6#, 195 pts)
4 Grey Hunters Pack, 105 pts = 4 * 15 (base cost 15) + Mark of the Wulfen 30 + Wolf Standard 10 + Meltagun 5 + Power Weapon 15
1 Grey Hunter w/ Mark of the Wulfen, 15 pts
1 Razorback, 75 pts = (base cost 40 + Twin Linked Lascannon 35)

Fast Attack: Thunderwolf Cavalry (5#, 370 pts)
1 Thunderwolf Cavalry, 0 pts
1 Thunderwolf Cavalry, 85 pts = (base cost 50 + Melta Bombs 5 + Storm Shield 30)
1 Thunderwolf Cavalry, 80 pts = (base cost 50 + Storm Shield 30)
1 Thunderwolf Cavalry, 105 pts = (base cost 50 + Storm Shield 30 + Power Fist 25)
1 Thunderwolf Cavalry, 50 pts
1 Thunderwolf Cavalry, 50 pts

Heavy Support: Long Fangs Pack (6#, 140 pts)
5 Long Fangs Pack, 125 pts = 5 * 15 (base cost 15) + Missile Launcher x5 50
1 Squad Leader, 15 pts

Validation Report:
c-1. File Version: 1.20 For Bug Reports/; b-1. Roster Options: Special Characters; a-1. Scenario: Normal Mission; 1. Chapter: Space Wolves
Roster satisfies all enforced validation rules

Composition Report:
HQ: 2 (1 - 2)
Elite: 1 (0 - 3)
Troops: 3 (2 - 6)
Fast: 1 (0 - 3)
Heavy: 1 (0 - 3)

Created with Army Builder® - Try it for free at









Needless to say I will not be converting the army for this event nor will I be attending the event. I will be taking a 1500 point version of the army to a local tournament this weekend and just having fun with it.

Lastly a little preview of the second banner (wolf standard) I am making for the second Grey Hunter squad.



  1. Truly superb army you got here. All the conversion and paintjobs are topnotch in my book. A shame that the event managers couldn't see farther than their nose.

    Richard Marchand
    Quebec, Canada

  2. Their loss.

    The way you have the army done up, "This army uses Codex: Space Wolves" would answer 99% of the questions about the army; it's more WYSIWYG than many non-counts-as armies. With the army in front of me and the army list in hand I should be able to easily pick everything out.

    That they say it would be confusing, like they would expect their tourney goers to have the list in hand and still somehow expect these guys to have BS2, 6+ save, etc. is insulting to their patrons.

  3. You ought to turn their comment right around at them and accuse THEM of being Power Gamers as they've clearly let their 'power' go to their heads. This is the second time I have seen your Army (one of your locals has been kind enough to link it to me) and even though I know not a damn thing about Space Wolves I can EASILY tell what unit is what in this Army.

    This is an amazing piece of work that you've accomplished, you should be damn proud of it!

  4. Wow. That's a nice army concept. I'm quite surprised by this response. But it's their loss (and kind of yours too). I know a great hobby tournament you'd be able to play with a 1500 point version of this army. Astronomi-Con ( which has unique scenarios for 100% of the custom tables and even allows Forgeworld models and lists (excluding super heavies).

    Come out to the next Astro Toronto with Pete next year and bring a 1500 point version of this army and prepare for a lot of fun!

  5. They must be smoking something. That's all I can say (and I'm trying to be nice about it).

    First off on the army: ****ing. Genius. Seriously.

    Secondly, I love that Thunderpig!

    Thirdly, your paint job makes me jealous. In fact, that whole goddamn ARMY makes me jealous! I wish I'dve thought of that! That is probably what is going on in the "Warmasters" heads. Wee Horuses sprouting up everywhere these days...

    KUTGW, and don't let the whiny assholes get you down!


  6. Thank you guys, your comments mean a lot to me. Starminer I have been speaking to Pete and I will be taking the army to your event in Toronto.

    I was told the army would have no issues there.