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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Da Wulf Boyz

The Counts As Experiment Continues...


So, a couple of things. I have been testing the waters a bit with Da Wulf Boyz. The first major tournament that is coming up that I could test the waters with my army is the NOVA open. So I got in touch with Mike Brandt through e-mail. I sent him the smae 8 page treatment that I sent to the Warmaster Challenge gang here. I wanted to see if this army would pass the test for a counts as army for the NOVA open.


So I sent off the e-mail and got a reply the same day from Mike at the NOVA. He was perfestly fine with the army and even offered me some advice, following is a quote directly from his e-mail to me.

"Thanks for sending me your pdf - you have a gorgeously converted and creatively thought-up army. I think the best advice I can give you to ensure this flies with all your opponents is to create a copy of your "guide" to attach to each of your army lists for your opponents and event organizers. It really is a fantastic tool for your army, and I think it helps clarify any additional questions that might arise."

With Mike`s advice I got to work and before the last tournament I went to I made up a 3 page army list for every opponent. It would list something followed by a detailed picture of the model. So I would have the Wolf Lord listed, list all his wargear then there would be a picture with every piece of wargear listed on the picture.

I also have a gallery of this army on the 11th Company's web forum. The 11th Company if anyone isn't aware is a Podcast that I enjoy a lot. I keep up on their forums and keep a gallery of my Wulf Boyz there and mentioned that the army was denied access to the Warmaster tournament and one of the hosts Pat got in touch with me and wanted to interview me on the army.


11th Company Podcast

Not sure when the interview will be posted I will let you guys know. But check out the podcast it is one of my favorites. The interview basically centered on the fact that Counts As armies have to jump through hoops that other standard armies that are just as confusing or more confusing get a free pass. I had a great time talking to Pat. The interview might be slpit up because I think we talked for 45 minutes or something like that.

While talking to Pat and through the forum with Neil the main host of the 11th company they both also said that the Wulf Boyz would be let into thier tournament that they were holding later in the year.

Lastly the only other tournament thus far that I have been told this army would be fine for is Astronomicon-Toronto. A friend of the orginizers is a follower of this blog and was looking forward to seeing the army next year at the event letting me know that armies like this are encouraged.

We`ll keep this experiment going all year if possible. Now Wargames Con was going on the weekend I started this project so I wasn`t able to e-mail them about the army but I did see this army that was there...




So next year I will e-mail them but from some of the shots I have seen from their event I don't think Da Wulf Boyz would have a problem getting through the door.

Till the next events...

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