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Monday, May 30, 2011

20 Games with Tomb Kings: Tournament!

Ok, so first things first. My list. The tournament had a 3 colour minimum and this shaped my list, due to the time I had to paint things up and what I already had painted. I also made some last minute changes that in the end I regretted, but this will become more apparent as we move along.


Tomb King- GOlden Mask, Armour of FOrtune, GW, Shield, Dragonbane

Liche Priest (hiero) Lv 2 Talisman of Preservation
Liche Priest (tk lore) Lv 2 Scroll, Ironcurse

Prince GW, Shield (yes i know the shields are redundant, but I needed sorta WYSIWYG), Armour of Destiny

Herald BSB Flaming Banner (the odd one out, I was sure that we would play a kill the BSB scenario... but we did not... so points wasted)


41 Skeletons, HW/Sh Full Command

2 x 10 Archers with mus.

3 Chariots mus

5 Light Horse

29 Tomb Guard FC

3 Carrion

Screaming Skull

Colossus with xtra HW


I was confident that it was an ok list, and I was able to give battle to some very competitive builds. My lack of experience and generalship did show at times, but all this will come with time. After the games and considering my list a few things did become very apparent:
- Small archer units are useless if the enemy shoots at them at all... as soon as they drop below 5 your priests are in danger!... never leave home in a unit of less that 15-20.
- I needed a third "block"... in most games my opponents out blocked me and were able to dictate the pace of the game, having a second horde of skellies would have given me more field control, this is reflected in my 2500pt list.
- I missed my level 4! 2 level 2's were great... but to reliably get off any of the un-boosted spells I was having to roll 3 dice. With a lv4 you can get away with 2 dice, increasing the number of spells to cast.
- Casket was awesome, every... single... game!
- Horse archers were awesome!... need to take 10 so that they can hold their own in the backfield.
- Tomb Guard need the BoUL!... they tend to get into combats away from the spell bubbles. Sometimes you just need some dedicated raising on them, during the tournament this would have helped a lot against a few of my opponents!

Anyway this is just a tidbit to get you going. And here is an army picture, the display board is not mine, just something that I used for the day because mine is not finished yet.



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