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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Project Blood Angels

Ok folks time for another update.

So I managed to get one of the 4 squads done I need for the September tournament. My list has two 9 Man squads in Rhinos and two 6 man squads in Razorbacks. This is the first of the two 9 man squads.

I wanted to make all the marines look diffrent. In the codex it mentiones that Blood Angels are on average the longest living Space Marines. Also because they have the Gene Seed of Sanguinius who was himself an artisan most Blood Angels take great pride in making their own armor be a work of art. I took this to heart and really wanted the squads and marines to look like Blood Angels rather then just red Space Marines as my old Blood Angels looked.

So with this all in mind I took to kit-bashing the squads together. Each squad has a mix of parts ranging from the Tactical Squad Box, The Command Squad Box, The Sanguinary Guard Box, The Death Company Box and The Assault Marine Squad Box. Not to mention a few other random bits I had laying around. So here is a look at the first squad for the tournament.




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