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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Tomb Kings take on The Lizzies pt 1 intro and lists.

So, today I had a game against Nathan and his lizardmen over at Phoenix Games, in Kitchener. Having a few hours to burn, I decided to go to the store and paint or play a pick up game. Nathan was running the store today, and after he had completed his game of warmachine he gladly accepted my challenge to a game of warhammer fantasy. At the choice of playing against High Elves or Lizardmen I chose the latter. No offense there Bro, but ill get you play your pointy ears many a time in the future, hehe.
Anyway, we agreed on 2200pts as we both had prepared lists. On a side note; I like 2200 pts, I started disliking the lower point value, but it is growing on me there are more choices to make at that point level because you just cant get "exactly" what you want in there... So lists have to be thought out very carefully. Something else is that we randomized the terrain and got a whole plethora of different things (that in the end really did not do much but could have, charnel pit, magic circle and a few buildings, as well as a forest and a haunted mansion...) The lizzies found themselves a long way from home.
On to the lists:
Slaan, lv 4, loremaster Life. BSB. Cupped Hands. Extra Power Dice per spell (for FREE!)

Skink lv2 dark cube thing (nasty piece of wargear, dispels a spell and on 4+ ends the magic phase...)

Scar vet w/Great weapon and armour of fortune

20 Saurus, FC

20 Saurus, FC

20 Temple Guard FC (razor standard, halberds)



2 units of 10 Skinks with blowpipes

His list was, of course, centered around the power of the slaan. With the lore of life I would be looking at regenerating guards, stegadons that could regain wounds with successful casts and (with throne of vines) regrowth that was d6 +1... almost as good as any tomb king incantation for raising... i knew this was not going to be easy.

My list:

Tomb King- Scorpion Armour, Talisman of Endurance, Great Weapon, Ironcurse Icon
High Liche Priest- Cloak of the Dunes, Ruby Ring of Ruin

Liche Priest- Talisman of Protection, Dispel Scrol
Casquet of Souls

30 Skellies HW/Sh, Full Command, BoUL

17 Bows Full Command
16 Bows SB & Musician

2 Swarms

4 Ushabti


Bone Giant


So, the mission that we got was the 5th one. We had to roll for each of our units, on 1 they stayed in reserve... He had his entire army deploy I had it all except for the one unit of skelies with HW/shields and one unit of skelly archers.

He deployed first and set up close to the center of the table. I deployed as far as I comfortably could. And then proceeded to steal the initiative... yay.

Stay tuned for part two!

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