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Monday, August 23, 2010

TK Battle Report The Dwarfs advance!

Had a great game against the Dwarfs today. So here are some of the pictures I took... can't wait to have everything painted!
This is just after TK movement 1. The dwarf first turn was rather uneventful, both rockthrowers failed to harm the catapult (rolling 1's to wound every time). The organ gun killed 6 skellies from the skeleton unit and the bolt thrower missed the bone giant. The anvil of doom failed to cast a basic rune (another one) but was only out of commission this turn.

The skeletons advanced. The skullypult missed the anvil (misfire) and the Banner on the skellies burned out after raising 4 skellies ( boxcars on two dice, so much for that bound item) Magic and shooting saw a few of the hammerers go down. The tomb scorpion on the far right lined up a charge against the bolt thrower.

The dwarfs continue their relentless advance, spreading out from the forest that ended up being a normal forest... hehe. The other hammerer unit moves up towards the archers on the left, and the ranger longbeards face off against the TK and his unit. Tomb king turn 2 sees the bolt thrower on the right charged by the scorp, the unit of hammerers on the left double flanked by ushabti and the bone giant... in this instance the casquet of souls went off and slayed a few dwarfs here and there. The swarms failed to show up (they had burrowed). In combat the BG and the Ushabti killed off quite a few hammerers but they failed to break, as dwarfs usually don't break grrr. On another note... thunderstomp is AWESOME.

In shooting the grudge throwers finally take out the skullypult. The other hammerer unit with the BSB charged into the combat that was raging on the flank, magically moved by the anvil into the rear of the ushabti... killing them off. The ushabti killed off a few thunderers from the original unit and then died... and the bonegiant killed all but 2 of them, the two remaining hammerers stayed... and help up the giant. The other charging hammerers decided to not reform and continue to face the giant... a giant in the flank is never a happy sight. In the TK turn the scorp, after finishing the bolt thrower in the previous combat phase moved to threaten the second grudge thrower. The swarms showed up and charged the other grudge thrower in the center of the line. Shooting killed a few of the hammerers in the BSB unit. In combat the giant killed the remaining hammerers from the first unit.

This turn (above) was a pivotal turn in the battle) Dwarf turn 4. The hammerers line up a charge against the giant... and. Fail as shown below. Meanwhile the ranger longbeards charge into the kings unit.

As the hammerers with BSB had failed to charge (above) then the anvil was struck to make them charge once more... lo and behold another one! The rune had failed to produce any results for the turn... and the hammerers stood face to face with a giant. But the giants sights where elsewhere... as he moved around the hammerers and was then magically charged into the ranger longbeard unit that was in combat with the king! (bellow) In the shooting phase the organ gun blew itself up trying to kill the swarms that had destroyed the central grudge thrower.

Also in that turn the scorpion charged the other grudge thrower (below) and the swarms charged the anvil.

This pic below is the one tomb swarm that heroically tied up the anvil for turn two rounds of combat!

Below is the last picture of the game, the hammerers lost the combat(thanks once again, to THUNDERSTOMP), and failed their break test. The BSB was too far to allow them to re roll. Seeing the battle lost the dwarfs returned admitted defeat as that was in their own turn that the combat had happened (turn 5) and there were still two more tomb king turns.

All in all, a great, fun engaging game. That unit of scouting great weapon totting ranger longbeards is quite the fright... good thing that I did not charge it, as it is designed to take charges. With throwing axes and the banner of slowness..

Anyway. I hope you enjoyed the report. I hope to get more and more up as I remember to take my camera to various games!


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