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Friday, August 27, 2010

Project Blood Angels

Well this will just be a short update. Starting with a little info on me not that it matters but it'll explain the small update. I got back from a holiday recently and after getting back and trying to get my sleeping schedule back on track I have been feeling pretty sick this week. So painting didn't come easy this week but I did manage to hammer out one of the small 6 man squads that will be going in Razorbacks in my list.

I have 2 6 man squads that will be in Assault Cannon Razorbacks (or Lascannon ones, I haven't fully decided yet). Also today I picked up more paint as I have two more infantry models left then I move on to tanks. I picked up the last Razorback I needed today, I will be putting that together tonight. Two of the Rhino/Razorbacks have started to be painted. The third is only primed and the last of course is still in pieces. I hate painting tanks but that will be all I have left I hope after this weekend.

So with all that out of the way, here is the small 6 Man team. The sergeant in the picture is the one in my test game that became the super sergeant with The Sanguinars rules. It helps having a WS5, A3 two wounded power fist sergeant in a squad. His two wounds meant that even when the Grey Hunters in my test game hurt him he was still able to use his 3 base attacks plus the 1 for the charge (5 because the Sanguinar was near him) and hitting on 3's and wounding on 2's meant that his little 4 man team at the time was able to wipe out a 8 man Grey Hunter squad with a wolfguard and mark of the wolven guy without trouble.

I appologize for the pictures I tried to get close up shots but the camera liked to focus on the guys in the back row. Oh well you get the idea.




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