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Sunday, May 15, 2011

20 Games with Tomb Kings: Game 1.5 Batrep

Fellow travelers of the blistering desert. I have swindled for too long and it is time for the battle report (almost a week late, sorry). 2K points of the Legion faced off against 2K of vermin tide.

[I]After taking the watchtower in the north reports of a tide of vermin sacking sacred shrines and tombs reached the ears of the tomb King. Without a word a detachment of the full army advanced to engage the horde, the aim to break their determination and send them scurrying back to their stinking holes.[/I]

So, mission Blood and Glory. His fortitude was 5, general, BSB 2 units of clanrats, mine was 5 as well, Skelly horde, tomb guard, chariots and general.
We also agreed to continue to play even if the army broke (this is in line with a few tournaments in the area, than count the fortitude objective as "primary" and then count up VP's as usual for secondary objective).

His list was something like this:

Lv 4 Grey Seer Feedback Scroll

PlagueMonk (lv 2)
Engineer- Doom missile

50 Slaves FC
50 Slaves FC
49 Clanrats, HW, Sh FC - Wind Mortar
49 Clanrats, HW, Sh FC - Flamer team

6 Gutter Runners poison slings, ambush upgrade?


My list:

40 Skellies and Glittering Prince

30 Tomb Guard (BoUL) and King with Deathmask

3 Chariots with flaming banner

15 archers as bunker

5 Horse Archers

HLP with cloak and ward


So, I will keep it short and sweet, to illustrate my deployment:


No mans land
Horse Archers (scouted)
Horde Skellies-BG-Tomb Guard
------------------------Archers Chariots
Catapult Casket

He got first turn, and moved up aggressively. Magic did nothing (he did not get skitterleap although he did get cracks call)

My line moved up, the chariots put one wound on the HPA with their flaming arrows :D.

His second turn saw the Poison mortar hit the skeleton horde and kill 10 or 11 of them. I dispelled cracks call... thank goodness (my colossus was scared, very scared)
My second turn I charged the slaves on the far corner with the TG and he held... the colossus also charged in and he held as well. The engineer in the slave unit then stand and shot with his rocket... and killed about 16 tomb guard! He landed the rocked bang on target.. nasty.
Then in my magic I banner of undying legion back 8 tomb guard :D. And the entire slave unit was eliminated. The casket zapped the doomwheel and took 4 or 5 wounds off it. (it had one left) The TG reformed to face the HPA and the giant faced the clanrats in the center.

His turn, the HPA charged the TG. The seer left his unit and cracks called my colossus into the ground, the wind mortar killed itself and the doomwheel finally got a hold of the horse archers and wiped them out. The other clanrats and slaves manouvered around a dangerous hill in the center. (see pic in below post). The HPA then epically failed in close combat... this was the definate turning point in the game as it failed each and every save... and allowed my TG to face off against some clanrats.

The skeleton horde charged the clanrats in the center and so did the TG and failed to run them down but did win combat. Then in his following turn the last unit of clanrats charged into the skellies, he death frenzied them and wiped the skeletons in one round of combat ! ( I had taken quite number of casualties and he rolled very hot). Then the TG ran in and wiped out the unit that had BSB in it. And the catapult had fired at the slaves on the far left and killed one, and forced them to panic.
His gutter runners had shown up and died when the casket exploded.

Then I had to go home... So we called it a game, the Tomb Kings were in a very strong position and won the game!

So, now onto the mandatory tactics and review section:

Once again the horde skellies were fantastic.
Death Mask is king(and found on a king, imagine that!)
Must take secondary caster with scroll, sometimes you have to stop a big spell!
Casket and HLP are mainstays always I would drop the king before I drop my LV 4.
Chariots with flaming banner, good.
The colossus is still the odd man out, he should really be a hierotitan, I promise I will play him soon.

Anyway Cheers!

[I]The King looked up from his last kill to see the enemy verming fleeing. Their determination and resolve broken, their squeals of terror and pain. The King recalled the smells of battle and for a short moment thought of better times. "Enough recollections" he thought "It is time to move on". As one, the legion halted; the battle had been won and their never ending journey would continue.[/I]

And on another note for you eager readers I have played yet another side quest. 1500pts against the Orks and the Goblins! Stay tuned for a short report coming soon as I failed to take pictures, but I have a few tactical fruits to give out.


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