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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

20 Games with Tomb Kings vs Goblins

[I]The skaven horde had been vanquished. The legion did not stay still for long, not needing the sustenance or rest like a mortal force they were a swift and relentless machine. The liche priests had informed the king of a Goblin lord that had stolen one of the sacred scrolls of the Tomb of Ankhara.
The legion was advancing into the mountains. As the legion advanced in the night the goblin drums bellowed in the deep.[/I]

So, had yet another game this one was saturday night, and happened from about 12-3 am... so we were getting through the game and not really worrying about pictures and stuff, as such I will keep it short and sweet. So, I played the same O&G general in the 2nd game of my prologue series. This rematch saw him not forgetting most of his models and he was now ready to take me on, being more knowledgeable about his army and the capabilities of mine.

His list:
Black Ork Warboss
Lv 4 Night Gobbo Shaman
Gob lord with a GW and 2+ AS?

Gob hero BSB
Lv 2 NG shaman

40 Goblin Spears
20 Goblin Archers
15 Spider Riders FC
25? Black Orks FC

4 Stone Trolls

Anyway, his list had some hard hitters and he seemed confident.
We played the "Battle for the pass" mission. This was the list I took:
HLP lv 4, cloak and endurance

Prince Glitterman
Prince MightSword

39 Skeleton Warriors FC
10 Archers Mus
3 Chariots



So, I deployed my TG facing his Nigh gobbo block (no fanatics...?) My horde vs his black orks.
The chariots against the gobbo bows.

I got turn 1 and moved the skellies up and angled them to present the black ork flank if charged, I had taken the number 6 spell on my hiero and was hoping to get it off on the gobbo unit... lo and behold there are 2 ways that this spell can go wrong, if you miscast, and then if you roll problems on the distance to multiply... I found this out the hard way as I got the spell off, and then rolled problems! and my HLP blew up 8 archers... From then on the game went down hill for my opponent... his trolls were on the far far flank... and the game happened on the other side of the battle field. The chariots ran down the 20 gobbos + lv 2 with ease. The TG were the men of the match taking on the black orks, the goblins and the spider riders... THat WS 5 on them has been awesome over, and over and over again.


Tactical review:
- I did not like the fact that the skullstorm will kill a lot of my models with a miscast (explosion) and then if I get problems then on that as well... too many ifs. Once again I failed to take the movement spell and regretted it... Note to self, always take the movement spell!
- I did not like the 10 Archers... 20 seems to be a minimum for me.
- The BOUL was gimikky, yes, it is very nice and has a good chance to res stuff back but, it does not get a bonus from a level caster and if you rely on it the enemy will dispel it unless you roll a crazy number of dice at it... then again, it pays for itself with one average roll... so.
- I am finding that being agressive with the TK works well, gives my opponent less time to think, entices them to charge in and make mistakes and then hopefully war of attrition. THe faster it can start the better, because my stuff comes back. :D

[I] A dim red glow emanated from the scroll of Hexing. It seemed the goblins had attempted to break the seals of protection and binding to reach the knowledge inside. The High Liche Priest slowly bent down to retrieve it from the small slimy goblin fingers that clutched it tightly. What could have passed for a smile left the Priests face; it was only a matter of time now.[/I]

And yet again another game this week! First game against the High Elves, it was only at 2000pts against a new general, but I did take pictures. In this game I got to see the potential damage of a unit of 3 chariots, as it wrecked face.

Cheers! - Stay tuned.

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