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Monday, May 2, 2011

20 Games With Tomb Kings - Tactica pt 2

On to the second game of my Epilogue series:

2200pts vs Lizardmen.
His list was:
Slaan (all the good stuff) Lore of Light
20-30 Guard
2 units of 24 warriors, one with spears.
2 units of skirmishing blowpipe skinks
Steg engine of gods, skink priest.
unit of 3 salamanders.

It is a very hefty list, and a tried and true contender for 8th edition.

My list had changed and this is what I took:

Casquet- Always take the casquet...
unit of 5 Ushabti
3 Chariots
30 Tomb Guard with King
LP (death)
Light horse (bunker for HLP)
16 Archers
10 Archers
50 HW/Sh Skeletons

- The mission was dawn attack. And from the begginging I was on an off foot... 6 of my units all ended up on my left flank... the
casket, the skeletons, the tomb guard, the ushabti, unit of archers, the chariots and the HLP's bunker.

So, I was unable to finish this game but here is the list of things that I learned:
-Musicians are fantastic... and needed. I had so much stuff crammed in that flank and no my chariots and ushabti were out of pisition in respect to the rest of his army... If you want to get out of a tight spot, use the horns!
- Large skeleton unit with the prince was amazing once again.
- The ushabti died, easily and it is hard to bring them back.
- The casket was really nice.
- The position I was put into at the start of the game really stunk.
- I felt like I did not need the secondary caster... although he did roll up purple sun the damned becalming was really preventing me from doing it effectively.

So, back to the drawing board, but I can see a pattern emerging. Skelly block + prince = awesome.

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