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Thursday, May 12, 2011

20 Games with Tomb Kings: Game 1.5 Pic

Although not a specific part of the journey a hero will always have side-quests... this time a 2K point game against a Skaven horde!
His List:
Lv 4 Grey Seer Feedback Scroll

PlagueMonk (lv 2)
Engineer- Doom missile

50 Slaves FC
50 Slaves FC
49 Clanrats, HW, Sh FC
49 Clanrats, HW, Sh FC

6 Gutter Runners poison slings


Pic from the game, battlereport will be up soon. This picture was taken beggining of the skaven turn 2, my Tomb Guard and King with the giant had just eliminated a unit of slaves and faced off against the hellpit with the giant facing the grey seers unit (the giant ended up falling through a crack in the earths surface... and the TG then killed the hellpit)



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