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Sunday, May 1, 2011

20 Games With Tomb Kings - Tactica Series

So, with the new book in my hands and a few games under my belt I have decided to go on a quest hoping to find the key to success with the new army book in 8th edition. I shall be taking you on a journey for 20 games at 2200pts I shall be reporting on the battles played with general comments on the outcome and performance of my army. It is widely accepted that at -least- 20 games with a certain army against a plethora of opponents will give you insight as to the ebb and flow of an army list. And hence I seek the wisdom of the priests and hope that you can join me on this quest. So, I ask you to gain inspiration from these tales of battle as well as offering your insight to the path ahead. At the end of these 20 games we shall have a better understanding of the Tomb Kings legions and how to use them with tactical and strategical efficiency in game.

I shall discuss my preliminary games that I have had with the Kings army and what I have learned from these games. This will give us the basic core for what we are looking for in a 2200pt army.
I have had 4 games at this point value, and and 2 games at the 1500pt value, but this is not about the skirmish sized games, this is the tale of great battles.
vs Empire:
My opponents list consisted of about 1500pts sunk into one unit, this unit was a huge unit of empire knights (40) + 3 characters (BSB, Karl Franz and Priest). 3 Great Cannon a Mortar and a Steam Tank. The army I ran was a basic list that was similar to my other lists, just with a few perks from the new book since I had no idea about the new book and had made the list in the few minutes that I had had the book in my hands.
King with Tomb Guard. HLP lv 4, Lp lv2, big skeleton block with tomb prince, casquet of souls, one screaming skull, 10 Light horse, 2 units of 20 bowmen and a Colossus. I had really spent on the characters and did not have too many supporting units.

Things that I learned from this defeat:
- The Skeleton horde I had actually survived quite a while against the huge death star. The prince needed something to keep him alive for longer in combat. I got too carried away and charged the tomb guard into the front of the horde of horsemen thinking that the skellies would loose soon, but I would have had time to flank the horde and in the long run that would have been better.
- I had taken WAY too many spell levels and bound items. Ruby Ring, Casquet, level 4, Level 2, Banner of Undying Legion... even with the casquet bonus I was finding it hard to use all the tools at my disposal.
- The bone giant died to mass cannon fire... so he did not have too good of a showing, the screaming skull did 6 wounds onto the steam tank turn 1... that was really nice. Maybe wanted to get a second one for anti monster shooting?
- The casquet was nice, but my opponent kept enough dice arround to always dispel it... Talking about magic... we totally played the Lore of Nehek all wrong, and were treating the augment spells as RIP spells... so during his magic phase he was dispelling them and I was loosing the bonuses that I had (KB, extra attack, ward.. etc)... Never again!
- The light horse... awesome. As soon as I saw that they had scout I was drawn to them... I always liked them before (as bunkers for my LP) but scout and cheaper makes them even better... the 10 took out all the warmachines. Totally worth it they had to stay in some shape or form.

This was the first game that I had had with the new book and the lessons that I learned I took back to the drawing table. For my second game I faced off against a lizardmen player. In my next post I shall explore the changes that I had made to the list and the situations that I found myself in during the game.

Keep posted for more content.

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