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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Rules'n WIP- Pics Kings

So, the colossus rules have changed from the last book quite a lot. They are tougher (t6 now) but they have also taken a hit on their armour save (5+ rather than a 3+). This is mitigated by the overall point cut the old Giant was 220pts (wow) and the new one with the same load out is about 50pts cheaper. There are a few options for the colossus and one of them is a GW... although already at str 6 not a primary option, as for the extra HW an extra attack will always come in handy (no pun intended, hehe), the last option is the large Bow, this is effectively a bolt thrower that hits on an unmodified 5+ and it is not super cheap but its not out of this world expensive either. I will be working on a conversion for a giant with a huge bow, what is not to like about that? At least he can have a few turns of potentially doing something until he hits combat and when he does, he still has the assault rule and only one less attack. Oh well.
On another note here is the colossus with the extra work I did for him yesterday:


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