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Thursday, May 5, 2011

20 Games With Tomb Kings - Tactica pt 3

So, games 3 and 4 of the Prologue series, and a discussion of the set list that I will be running for the 20 games:

Game 3 Was against Orks and Goblins:
His list;
Black Ork Special Character with about 30 black orks.
Large unit of double choppa orks (25?) BSB in here as well
40 or 50 Night gobbos with nets and fanatics with a NG lv 4 Shaman
10 arrer boyz.
2 units of 3 wolf chariots (str 5? wow)
1 Aracknoc spider

My list had changed a bit from my previous game and now included muscitians where needed, no ushabti a bone giant and a a prince instead of a king as well as LV 4 and that was it for magic. Cloak of dunes and ward for the hiero.

HLP Lv4 Hierophant. Cloak, Earthing Rod, Opal Amulet - 300pts

Prince Glittering Scales, DB Gem and HW, SH- 132pts

Prince Armour of Fortune and GW- 139pts

6 Horse Archers

50 HW/Sh Skellies with FC

20 Bows with FC

10 Bows with Mus

3 Chariots, Banner, Eternal Flame

23 Tomb Guard - FC, BoUL

2 Swarms

Colossus extra HW

2 x SSC


Total - 2200pts

So, mission saw dawn attack once again, this time he was heavy on my right with big spider, hero black ork bunker, chariots and gobbos in the center and the small unit of archers (that did not to anything all game so I wont mention them again) on the left field.

All in all I was doing very well starting turn 3, my BG had eliminated a unit of chariots and had then moved into contact with the Black orks, stalling them... the horse archers got in the way of the big spider to prevent it from getting involved int he middle of the battle, the chariots and HW/sh skellies had broken the unit of orks in the middle and then held up the gobbos with the shaman... it all came down to the shaman casting his big spell bosted, irresistibly and killing 15 of the tomb guard that were about to fight the big spider, and about 30 of the skeletons... neutering any advantage that I had until then, the spider stomped all over the remnants of the tomb guard and then ate the rest of my army... one unit of wolf chariots had busted through my line by hitting the 10 man archer unit and going into the backfield to take out my casket and both catapults over the course of the game.

What a great turn around. The hierophant was alive thanks to the cloak of dunes, but I did not have much else as the last of the skeletons crumbled due to combat resolution.

So things that I noted from this game:
- Need to have a dispel scroll in my army... it would not have helped against any double sixes, but just in case it would prevent something like this from happening again.
- I was happy with the performance of my army in general... the swarms never showed up and the 10 man archer unit was not needed or useful in this game. Both catapults were good but they failed to wound the big spider.. over and over and over again...

So, on to game 4 that happened right after this game. Played the same Lizard player that I had faced in game 2, except this time he took the tried and true Lore of Life for his Slaan.

We played blood and glory. He deployed slaan centraly flanked by both saurus squads, steg on one side within 12 of all block for the ward save... and skinks on one side and sallies and skinks on my right... here i scouted the fast cav to force his skinks away of the sallies from the main battle. I went first and just advanced as fast as I could up the table. Firing at skinks I killed 7 form the unit on my right and the SSC opened up on the steg but failed to kill it.

He advanced and dwellers my 40 skellies, I had deployed my hiero on the far right with the 20 man archer unit to prevent becalming at least for a little bit. With the cloak he was later able to move closer to buff my main units.... so the battle raged on, my TG smashed into the saurus warriors on my right of the slaan and made them run, I was unable to run them down... the skellies tied up the slaan TG unit and the BG charged into the other unit of saurus on the left... the catapults smashed the steg and killed it to prevent it from helping the saurus against the colossus. The scouting cav took care of the skinks in my turn and on my third turn saw a boosted smiting go off ( even with becalming on my hiero) that saw my 20 archers become 40, the scout cav come back to full strength and hence the salamanders pack was reduced to one salamander...

We had to call the game due to time but it had been going very well for me. A few things that I noticed:

- the colossus was awesome but I think the list would benefit more from a hierotitan, a lv 4 is hard to stop (with the casket bonus) and +d3 to his power of spells would mean a lot more.

- still missing the dispel scroll, a secondary caster for more support across the board... sometimes the movement spell would be awesome but people know this and they shut it down, having a second chance at it would be great!

Anyway, here ends the Prologue series, I have written up my list and will now begin this journey.

So, just came back from my latest game, Game 1 of the Journey... we dusty foot legions taking the great watchtower that leads to the passage to the north. Held by the barbarian warriors clad in steel and writhed in magical energies of chaos. (for those not into the narrative, played a game watchtower scenario against warriors of chaos, he started the game in the tower) And this time... have pictures. I hope to have it up later tonight.


  1. I think your eventually going to end up where I have already gotten to:

    Core block (required)
    Lord Hierophant Khatep
    Hierotitan (Note the bone giant caster)
    Casket of Souls

    Then I add
    Necrotect (regeneration + hate)
    Tomb Prince (WS transfer)
    Tomb Guard (30) Halbreds (necrotect+prince)

    The base 2 magic items are a +4 ward for the Necrotect and Prince. It is a 990 points block total. (core is around 640) The core keeps the magic phase going and guarantees you will have the first 3 spells. The second block adds to the survivability of the commanders and gives a strong close combat block. A dispel scroll would be nice; however, every time I see the number 6 spells rip through my army they rolled doubles to do it.

  2. Very close to what I have decided to run on my 20 games. The first game will be up soon. I am not a fan of the necro... easy points IMO although:
    The Lv 4
    The Hierotitan (although for now I am using a giant until I can make a model)
    The Casket...

    These are my go to, default it seems, options. As for the scroll, yes, I do have a lv 1 with a scroll.

    Large block of skellies and large block of tomb guard is also in the mix.

    Stay tuned for the first batrep! Thanks for the comment. Cheers!